Adjectives for Policies

Adjectives For Policies

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing policies, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The way we describe policies can offer deep insights into their nature and impact. Calling policies economic or social not only highlights their primary focus but also their intended outcomes and beneficiaries. For instance, national and foreign policies delineate the geographical scope and diplomatic stance. Similarly, the use of public versus fiscal adjectives can hint at the target demographic or the economic mechanisms at play. These nuances are crucial for understanding the multifaceted roles policies play in governance and society. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'policies' and explore the varied dimensions they reveal.
economicThe government's economic policies have been criticized for favoring the wealthy.
nationalThe government's national policies have been met with mixed reactions from the public.
publicThe public policies implemented by the government have had a significant impact on the economy.
socialThe government's social policies are designed to help the poor and disadvantaged.
fiscalWe can try to stimulate the economy with fiscal policies
domesticThe government's domestic policies have been widely criticized.
monetaryThe Fed's monetary policies have a significant impact on the economy.
specificThe company has implemented specific policies to protect employee data.
environmentalThe government has introduced a range of environmental policies to reduce pollution.
industrialTo promote economic growth, the government implemented industrial policies
currentOur current policies are designed to protect our customers' privacy and data.
macroeconomicFiscal and monetary policies are the two types of macroeconomic policies
educationalThe educational policies of the government are designed to improve the quality of education.
agriculturalThe agricultural policies implemented by the government have led to increased crop yields and reduced food prices.
alternativeWe need alternative policies to address climate change.
liberalThe government implemented liberal policies to promote social equality.
governmentalThe governmental policies include laws, regulations, and rules that are enacted by the government to achieve specific objectives.
financialThe government has been urged to review its financial policies
federalThe federal policies have been in place for many years.
restrictiveThe company's restrictive policies prevented employees from using their own devices.
appropriateThe government should implement appropriate policies to address the issue of poverty.
regionalThe EU's regional policies aim to reduce disparities between different regions.
colonialThe new colonial policies caused a rise in tensions between the colonists and the indigenous population.
internationalThe government has recently made some changes to its international policies
internalThe company has strict internal policies regarding the use of social media.
officialThe company's official policies are designed to ensure a safe and productive work environment.
sovietIn the late 1980s, many citizens of the Soviet Union grew disillusioned with Soviet policies
effectiveThe government implemented effective policies to address the economic crisis.
protectionistThe government has implemented protectionist policies to safeguard domestic industries.
soundEconomic empowerment of women requires sound policies investments in productive assets, and access to education.
administrativeThe company's administrative policies are designed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the business.
regulatoryThe company faces increasing regulatory policies from the government.
conservativeConservative policies emphasize limiting government intervention and promoting individual freedom and responsibility.
structuralFiscal and structural policies should be designed to support this agenda.
racialThe government's racial policies were designed to keep the races separated.
futureThe proposed future policies will have a significant impact on the economy.
corporateOur corporate policies are designed to ensure compliance and ethical conduct.
commercialThe government proposed new commercial policies to encourage investment in the country.
orientedIndustry-oriented policies are those that aim at strengthening competitiveness and productivity of enterprises in the specific industrial sector.
pastThe organization was unable to meet the new demands due to its outdated past policies
aggressiveThe country's aggressive policies have led to a rise in tensions in the region.
termTerm policies offer affordable protection for a specific period.
institutionalManagers should be familiar with institutional policies regarding expense reporting.
expansionaryThe Federal Reserve expanded the money supply to stimulate economic growth through expansionary policies
urbanThe urban policies focus on improving the quality of life in cities.
optimalThe optimal policies for managing the project are still under discussion.
progressiveThe party's progressive policies included support for universal healthcare and free college tuition.
organizationalEnsure that organizational policies are updated regularly to reflect the latest security requirements.
neoliberalNeoliberal policies have been criticised for exacerbating economic inequality.
broadThe organization used broad policies to ensure that all employees were treated fairly and equitably.
relatedWe can see the related policies with values "OK" within a day.
radicalThe new government implemented radical policies to address the economic crisis.
redistributiveRedistributive policies aim to reduce economic inequality by transferring wealth from the affluent to the less fortunate.
repressiveThe government's repressive policies have stifled dissent and limited political participation.
affirmativeThe university has implemented affirmative policies to increase the diversity of its student body.
socialistThe government implemented socialist policies in an effort to reduce economic inequality.
basedOur team follows a set of based policies to ensure fairness and equality.
interventionistThe government has recently adopted interventionist policies in order to stimulate the economy.
preferentialThe government implemented preferential policies to support small businesses.
keynesianKeynesian policies emphasize government spending and tax cuts to stimulate economic growth.

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