Adjectives for Policy

Adjectives For Policy

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing policy, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to modify 'policy' can provide deep insights into the focus, scale, and impact of governance and organizational decisions. For instance, a 'foreign policy' addresses international relations, whereas a 'public policy' is aimed at regulating societal issues. On the other hand, 'economic' and 'monetary policies' directly influence a country's financial health, while 'national' and 'social policies' reflect on internal governance and community welfare, respectively. Each adjective carries with it a world of implications and perspectives, highlighting the multifaceted nature of policy-making and its effects on different sectors. Dive into the full list of adjectives to explore the vast universe of policy nuances.
foreignThe United States' foreign policy towards China has been a topic of much debate.
publicThe public policy has been in place for over a decade.
economicThe economic policy of the government has been criticized by some.
monetaryThe Federal Reserve's monetary policy has a significant impact on the economy.
nationalThe national policy of the country is to promote economic growth and social justice.
socialThe government's social policy aims to reduce poverty and inequality.
americanThe American policy is to promote democracy and freedom.
fiscalThe government implemented fiscal policy measures to stimulate the economy.
generalThe general policy on social media use at work should be reviewed and updated regularly.
industrialThe government's industrial policy is designed to promote economic growth and competitiveness by targeting key industries for support.
sovietThe Soviet policy of collectivization in the 1930s led to widespread famine.
officialThe official policy of the company is to promote diversity and inclusion.
domesticThe government's domestic policy focuses on improving the economy and healthcare.
environmentalThe environmental policy aims to protect and conserve the natural environment and its resources.
educationalThe educational policy needs to be revised and improved.
colonialThe colonial policy of the British Empire was to exploit the resources of its colonies.
agriculturalThe agricultural policy aims to promote sustainable farming practices.
federalThe federal policy on marijuana has been a controversial topic for many years.
germanA German policy in the 19th century is explained by Bismarck's theory of "blood and iron."
regionalThe European Union regional policy is designed to promote economic and social cohesion within the bloc.
commercialThe commercial policy of the company was to provide quality products at competitive prices.
currentThe current policy is to provide support for all employees.
financialThe financial policy of the government is aimed at controlling inflation.
internationalThe United Nations is an important organization for international policy
indianThe United States' Indian policy has been controversial for centuries.
aggressiveThe organization's aggressive policy has resulted in the loss of several key employees.
europeanThe European policy aims to promote cooperation and integration among member states.
traditionalThe traditional policy of the party has been to oppose any tax increases.
futureThe company's future policy will be to hire more employees from diverse backgrounds.
activeThe government pursued an active policy of investing in renewable energy sources.
deliberateThe deliberate policy of the government has led to a decline in the economy.
optimalWe developed an optimal policy for the scheduling problem.
governmentalThe governmental policy had a great impact on the economy of the country.
macroeconomicMacroeconomic policy is a set of government actions that are used to influence the overall economy.
wiseAdopting a wise policy of fiscal restraint, the government managed to reduce the deficit significantly.
imperialThe imperial policy of expansion led to the acquisition of new territories.
independentThe country has always adhered to an independent policy
overallThe overall policy of the company is to prioritize customer satisfaction.
urbanThis urban policy intends to revitalize the downtown area.
consistentWe have a consistent policy of supporting our employees.
chineseChinese policy towards Taiwan has been a major source of tension between the two countries.
restrictiveThe company has a restrictive policy against wearing casual clothes to work.
definiteThe company has a definite policy against allowing employees to work from home.
comprehensiveThe company implemented a comprehensive policy to ensure the safety of its employees.
conservativeThe conservative policy was designed to reduce government spending and regulation.
canadianThe Canadian policy Institute and the Fraser Institute are two of Canada's leading public policy think tanks.
coherentA coherent policy requires a comprehensive understanding of the relevant issues.
expansionaryThe Federal Reserve's expansionary policy led to a surge in economic growth.
nuclearThe nuclear policy of the country was to maintain a strong deterrent against potential aggressors.
corporateHe knew he was breaking corporate policy but he did it anyway.
doorThe club had a strict door policy to ensure only VIPs and celebrities were allowed in.
vigorousThe firm's vigorous policy emphasizes employee engagement.
administrativeThe administrative policy regarding personal appearance is strictly enforced in the workplace.
regulatoryThe regulatory policy of the government has been criticized for being too burdensome.
navalThe naval policy of the United States is to maintain a strong and capable navy that can protect the nation's interests at sea.
tightThe central bank's tight policy has led to a rise in interest rates.
editorialThe magazine's editorial policy is to publish only original, well-written articles.

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