Adjectives for Politics

Adjectives For Politics

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing politics, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives linked with politics unveils the rich tapestry of governance and societal norms. The use of American before politics immediately paints a picture of the unique political landscape of the United States, emphasizing its global influence and democratic values. In contrast, international politics broadens the scope to global diplomacy and inter-country relations. Terms like national and local politics highlight the scale at which policies and leadership impact citizens' everyday lives, from a broader national perspective to community-based governance. Meanwhile, domestic politics often delves into internal affairs, bringing out the contrast with foreign policies. The adjective democratic directly references the ideology shaping political systems and governance. Each adjective, from American to democratic, offers a unique lens through which the complexities of politics are navigated and understood. Discover the full list of adjectives that color the world of politics below.
americanAmerican politics is a complex and ever-changing landscape.
internationalInternational politics is a complex and ever-changing landscape.
nationalThe national politics were a hot topic of conversation.
localLocal politics often involve complex and controversial issues.
domesticThe domestic politics of the country are in a state of flux.
democraticDemocratic politics emphasizes the importance of citizen participation in government.
practicalHis views on the issues may be somewhat offbeat, but he is a man of practical politics
britishBritish politics is a complex and ever-changing landscape.
electoralElectoral politics is a subset of politics concerned with the acquisition and exercise of political power through elections.
internalThe company's internal politics made it difficult to get anything done.
comparativeComparative politics focuses on the comparison of political systems and institutions across different countries.
partisanIn the midst of partisan politics it became increasingly difficult to find common ground.
culturalCultural politics is the interaction between culture and politics.
indianIndian politics is a complex and fascinating subject.
modernModern politics is a complex and ever-changing game.
radicalThe student union's radical politics were met with opposition from the university administration.
englishEnglish politics is a complex and ever-changing landscape.
frenchFrench politics are often seen as a ballet of ideas.
foreignThe president discussed foreign politics with the visiting delegation.
globalThe complex and ever-evolving nature of global politics has kept scholars and policymakers on their toes.
germanGerman politics are often characterized by stability and consensus.
chineseChinese politics is a complex and often opaque system.
irishIrish politics is a complex and fascinating subject.
liberalThe candidate's liberal politics alienated many voters.
presidentialThe latest presidential politics scandal sent shockwaves through the nation.
italianI'm interested in the latest Italian politics
japaneseJapanese politics has been dominated by the Liberal Democratic Party since 1955.
activeHe decided to leave active politics after serving the country for two terms.
urbanUrban politics are complex and often contentious, but they are also essential to the functioning of cities.
southernSouthern politics are usually conservative.
racialThe racial politics of the situation made it difficult to find a solution that satisfied both sides.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary politics of the time period were a significant factor in the eventual outcome.
ethnicEthnic politics can be challenging to navigate.
environmentalThe company's environmental politics have improved in recent years.
parliamentaryHer parliamentary politics were ostensibly more moderate than his.
republicanRepublican politics is the ideology of the Republican Party in the United States.
municipalJohn Smith has been involved in municipal politics for over 20 years.
canadianJustin Trudeau is the current Prime Minister of Canada, leading the Liberal Party in Canadian politics
bureaucraticBureaucratic politics were at play in the decision-making process.
sovietThe discussion focused on the complex relationships between Soviet politics and the arts.
africanAfrican politics is complex and diverse, with a wide range of different systems and ideologies in place.
regionalThe conference focused primarily on regional politics
conservativeConservative politics generally emphasize the importance of traditional values, limited government, individual responsibility, and free markets.
mexicanMexican politics is a complex and often tumultuous landscape.
traditionalMany voters are dissatisfied with traditional politics
progressiveShe is a proponent of progressive politics
organizationalOrganizational politics can make it difficult to get your work done.
colonialThe colonial politics of the region were complex and often divisive.
southSouth politics is a complex and fascinating topic.
wingAlthough he had been a conservative all his life, he was now willing to consider some aspects of wing politics
russianRussian politics has been a topic of much debate and discussion in recent years.
westThe incumbent is running on his record as a moderate in a district that has become increasingly polarized in recent years, especially on issues of west politics
partyWe've reached a point where party politics seem to matter more than the interests of the people.
factionalFactional politics have become an obstacle to progress in the organization.
arabArab politics is complex and multifaceted, with a wide range of actors and interests.
provincialThough many states allow their citizens to vote in provincial politics some do not.
greekGreek politics is a complex and dynamic system.
latinLatin politics are often characterized by their high degree of partisanship.
socialistThe country's socialist politics were a major factor in its economic development.
israeliIsraeli politics are complex and often contentious, reflecting the diverse society and the country's history.
competitiveCompetitive politics has led to a more polarized society.
conventionalThe candidate's conventional politics did not appeal to the voters.
constitutionalThe recent constitutional politics in the country have been marked by a series of bitter disputes over the definition of marriage.
mainstreamI have never voted for candidates from mainstream politics
communalThe country is becoming increasingly divided due to communal politics
romanThe complex nature of Roman politics led to many political instability and intrigue.
basedIt's time to put the blame game aside and have a conversation based politics
dayDay politics often involves the discussion of current events and political issues.
turkishTurkish politics has been dominated by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) since 2002.
asianAsian politics is a complex and evolving field of study.
gayThe rise of gay politics has been a significant development in recent years.
secularThe church and state should be firmly separated in all matters of secular politics
imperialThe imperial politics of the region were complex and fraught with intrigue.

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