Adjectives for Port

Adjectives For Port

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing port, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'port' brings to mind a place of bustling activity and strategic importance. However, adjectives like 'free,' 'important,' 'serial,' 'chief,' and 'major,' when paired with 'port,' paint a more nuanced picture. A 'free port' suggests a haven for trade without the burden of tariffs, an 'important port' marks a hub of economic activity, while a 'serial port' shifts the context to technology, emphasizing connectivity. Similarly, 'chief' and 'major' signify prominence and size, contrasting with the modesty suggested by a 'small port.' These adjectives unlock a world of interpretations, setting the stage for a deeper exploration into how words shape perception. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'port' below.
freeThe free port is a designated area where goods can be stored duty-free.
importantThe city has an important port for trade and fishing.
serialThe computer was connected to the printer through a serial port
chiefAntwerp, the chief port of Belgium, is situated on the Scheldt River.
majorThe major port sees hundreds of ships every day.
smallThe small port was nestled between two towering mountains.
foreignThe ship arrived at a foreign port
principalThe principal port of Denmark is Copenhagen.
mainThe main port of the country is located in the capital city.
onlyI only port coffee
parallelConnect the computer to the parallel port on the printer.
nearestThe nearest port is just a few hours away.
neutralShips are waiting to berth at the neutral port
nextThe next port was a smaller town, but it was a welcome change of pace.
largestThe largest port in the world is the Port of Shanghai.
commercialI went to the largest commercial port in the city.
frenchI visited the french port in the early morning.
britishThe British port of Southampton is a major hub for cruise ships.
singleThe single port is used to connect to the network.
openThe open port allowed hackers to access the system.
englishThe English port is one of the busiest in Europe.
southernThe southern port was filled with sailors from many different lands.
blockadedThe blockaded port prevented any further aid from reaching the stricken city.
spanishThe ship set sail from the Spanish port
ancientThe ancient port was once a bustling hub of trade and travel.
navalThe naval port was heavily fortified.
northernThe northern port was bustling with activity as ships loaded and unloaded their goods.
safeThe ship pulled into a safe port
greatestSeattle is the greatest port in the Pacific Northwest.
latterThe latter port is home to many fishing boats.
atlanticThe Atlantic port is a major shipping hub for the region.
busiestShanghai is known for being the busiest port in the world.
thrivingThe thriving port bustled with activity, as ships loaded and unloaded their cargoes.
twoI lost my power supply, so I only have a two port laptop charger left.
convenientThe resort is just a 10-minute drive from the convenient port
chineseThe chinese port is bustling with activity.
standardThe standard port for web traffic is 80.
intermediateAir travelers in Beijing can now transit through seven intermediate ports in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.
russianOdessa is a major russian port on the Black Sea.
friendlyThe ship stopped at a friendly port during its journey.
mediterraneanThe Mediterranean port was a bustling hub of activity.
excellentThe excellent port was a welcome sight after the long journey.
easternThe eastern port is a busy hub of activity.
seaThe ship arrived at the bustling sea port
flourishingThe city's flourishing port attracted ships from all over the world.
mexicanA large container ship was seen in the Mexican port of Altamira.
distantThe ship sailed to a distant port
famousThe Port of New York and New Jersey is one of the busiest and most famous ports in the world.
westI visited the west port last weekend.
bitThe bit port was connected to the wrong pin.
southThe ship is heading to the south port
nearbyThe nearby port was bustling with activity.
italianThe Italian port welcomed the cargo ship with open arms.
balticRiga, a major Baltic port has a population of 700,000.
dutchThe Dutch port of Rotterdam is one of the busiest in the world.
knownThe computer tries to connect to the server using the well known port 25.
tinyI spotted a tiny port in the distance.
ethernetThe ethernet port of the computer is broken.
deepwaterThe deepwater port can accommodate large ships.

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