Adjectives for Position

Adjectives For Position

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing position, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'position' can be significantly nuanced by the adjectives that precede it, reflecting a myriad of contexts and implications. A 'social position', for instance, suggests a status within a societal structure, hinting at hierarchies and relationships. A 'present position', on the other hand, could reference a current physical location or a stance on an issue, emphasizing immediacy. The term 'relative position' introduces comparisons or relational standings, be it in space or status. 'Original' and 'better' positions evoke discussions around baseline states and improvement, respectively, while a 'strong position' implicitly communicates power or advantage. Each adjective unlocks a new shade of meaning, tailoring the term to precise narratives and insights. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked to 'position' to grasp the breadth of its applications.
socialHis social position is high.
presentShe applied for the present position as a nurse.
relativeThe relative position of the two objects was calculated using a formula.
originalThe original position is a hypothetical state of affairs in which individuals are asked to choose principles of justice from behind a veil of ignorance.
betterI am in a better position to help you now.
strongHer strong position on the issue helped her win the election.
financialNumerous companies have improved their financial position through a combination of cost-cutting and revenue growth.
centralThe city occupies a central position in the region.
normalThe box is in its normal position
horizontalThe engineer placed the beam in a horizontal position
uprightThe statue stood in an upright position with its head tilted slightly forward.
economicThe higher the economic position of the country, the lower its fertility rate.
dominantThe company's dominant position in the market allowed it to dictate prices to its customers.
properThe book is in its proper position on the shelf.
verticalThe sign was designed with a vertical position so it could be read from a distance.
officialThe official position of the company is that the new product will be released next month.
supineThe patient was placed in the supine position for the surgery.
privilegedThe head of the company was in a privileged position to influence the outcome of the vote.
initialThe initial position of the particle was determined accurately.
difficultHe found himself in a difficult position
currentThe candidate's current position is a Senior Software Engineer at Google.
uniqueThe company is in a unique position to capitalize on the growing trend.
correctThe correct position of the object is on the table.
finalThree troops occupied their final position
geographicalThe geographical position determines the climate of a certain area
exactThe diver knew the exact position of the underwater cave.
competitiveOur company has a strong competitive position in the market.
neutralThe car is in neutral position
strategicThe strategic position of the fortress allowed the defenders to control the surrounding countryside.
formerShe still holds influence over her former position
prominentThe prominent position of the statue made it easy to spot.
proneThe patient was placed in the prone position face down, for the surgery.
legalThe company's legal position is strong.
comfortableThe sofa provided such a comfortable position he drifted off to sleep.
subordinateThe employee accepted the subordinate position even though it came with a significant pay cut.
lateralThe lateral position of the image was measured using a ruler.
defensiveThe team was in a defensive position after the other team scored a goal.
awkwardThe awkward position made it difficult for her to move.
extremeHe held extreme positions on many political issues.
precariousHe found himself in a precarious position with his foot dangling over the edge of the cliff.
commandingThe castle perched atop the hill had a commanding position over the surrounding countryside.
advantageousOur team has an advantageous position in the market.
falseThe method of false position is a root-finding method that uses a combination of bisection and linear interpolation to approximate the root of a function.
strongerThe union is now in a stronger position to negotiate with the company.
recumbentThe patient was placed in a recumbent position for the examination.
peculiarThe king's peculiar position made him an object of curiosity and amusement.
erectThe statue was in an erect position
keyHe played a key position in the company's success.
superiorThe commander had a superior position in the battle.
favorableHe is in a favorable position to win the election.
weakThe weak position of the team was exposed in the championship game.
middleThe team placed her in the middle position
highestThe highest position he reached in his career was that of vice president.
leadingShe holds a leading position in the software industry.
responsibleShe proved herself to be a hard worker who quickly advanced to a more responsible position
theoreticalThe researcher takes up a theoretical position on the matter.
powerfulShe used her powerful position to influence the outcome of the meeting.
elevatedThe elevated position of the castle meant it could be seen from miles away.
philosophicalThe philosophical position of utilitarianism emphasizes the importance of maximizing overall happiness.
exaltedThe king held an exalted position in the kingdom.
favourableWe are in a favourable position to win the contract.
fetalThe victim was found in the fetal position

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