Adjectives for Post

Adjectives For Post

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing post, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a post can significantly change the perception of the message being conveyed. For example, a new post introduces fresh content, capturing immediate attention, while a military post implies discipline and order. An important post demands priority from its readers, setting it apart from regular updates. The first post marks a beginning, inviting readers into a new journey, whereas the last post signifies closure or conclusion. Anticipation builds around the next post, sparking intrigue about future directions. Each adjective weaves its own narrative around a post, adding layers of meaning and emotion. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'post' to enrich your expressions and messages.
newThere was a new post on social media.
militaryAfter spending a few hours walking around the military post it was time to head home.
importantThis is an important post
firstWelcome to my first post
lastThe last post made by the soldier was a poignant reminder of the horrors of war.
nextThe next post will come soon, stay tuned.
oldThe old post was in disrepair.
highShe was honored for her high post at the company.
presentThe present post by the prime minister was very informative.
advancedThe advanced post was inaccessible due to technical difficulties.
officialShe was given an official post in the government.
diplomaticHe served as the first U.S. ambassador to Bolivia, a diplomatic post he held until 1968.
britishThe British post had delivered a letter for me.
vacantThe vacant post was finally filled after a long search.
woodenThe wooden post stood tall and unyielding in the wind.
tradingThe trading post was a hub of activity in the frontier town.
permanentThe permanent post was filled by the most qualified candidate.
frenchThe French post office is on the corner of Main Street and Elm Street.
highestThe highest post in the company is held by the CEO.
administrativeThe administrative post in the company was vacant due to the recent resignation of the previous holder.
centralThe central post was made of sturdy oak.
strongI saw a strong post in the backyard.
formerThe former post was quite good.
topThe top post on the forum is about the new update.
nearestTurn left at the nearest post
responsibleHe was appointed to a high responsible post in the government.
winningThe jockey guided his horse toward the winning post
keyThe key post in the government was left vacant.
lucrativeHe landed a lucrative post as a financial analyst at a multinational corporation.
minorThe minor post didn't entice many applicants.
ministerialThe new ministerial post will be responsible for overseeing the country's economic development.
seniorI met my senior post at the local library this morning.
latterThe latter post received more attention and comments.
sternThe ship's stern post or rudder post, was made of oak.
registeredI sent the document via registered post so that I would have proof of delivery.
academicHer academic post was not at her dream institution.
bindingThe binding post was loose and needed to be tightened.
uprightThe upright post of the gate was made of oak.
temporaryHe works at a temporary post in the south of France.
verticalThe vertical post was firmly planted in the ground.
forwardThe forward post was a small outpost located on the edge of the forest.
difficultThe news that there were only three available candidates shortlisted for the difficult post took Ellen aback.
dutchThe Dutch post office is a reliable and efficient service.
regularI prefer to use regular post to send sensitive documents.
consularThe American passport can be renewed at any of the consular posts in the US.
honourableThe honourable post of the mayor was given to the most experienced candidate.
regimentalThe regimental post was surrounded by a moat.
timeThe time post the accident, he was still disoriented.
sacrificialThe sacrificial post was a symbol of the community's devotion.
prestigiousHe was renowned within the university and was sought after for his expertise in the prestigious post
dangerousAvoid that dangerous post
bedHe hit his head on the bed post
distantThe distant post marked the end of the trail.
mileThe mile posts on the highway indicated how far we had left to travel.
spanishThe Spanish post office is a government agency responsible for delivering mail and packages in Spain.
covetedThe coveted post of CEO was her ultimate goal after years of hard work and dedication.
isolatedWe proceeded to an isolated post situated on the river's edge.
executiveShe applied for the executive post in the company.

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