Adjectives for Posts

Adjectives For Posts

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing posts, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the digital and physical worlds alike, the term 'posts' can take on numerous meanings, often defined by the adjectives that precede it. Whether discussing 'important posts' that anchor crucial arguments in a blog or exploring 'military posts' pivotal for national defense, the adjective alters the noun's flavor and focus. 'Various posts' might hint at the diversity of content or roles, while 'administrative posts' specify a function within an organizational context. 'High posts' often denote positions of authority or elevated platforms, and 'several posts' suggest a multitude, each possibly unique in importance and purpose. The right adjective can transform a general noun into a nuanced, context-specific term, revealing depth and detail. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'posts' to understand the subtle distinctions each combination can convey.
importantIt is crucial to fill important posts with qualified individuals.
militaryThe general inspected the new military posts along the border.
variousNumerous committees elected members to their newly established various posts
administrativeThe administrative posts within government are highly sought after.
highShe was offered several high posts in the government.
severalI saw several posts on the community forum.
woodenThe wooden posts were firmly planted in the ground.
keyThe key posts in the company are usually filled by experienced professionals.
advancedThe patrol established advanced posts to guard against enemy incursions.
seniorCandidates with relevant experience and possessing suitable qualifications are welcome to apply for the senior posts advertised.
higherThe company has promised promotions to higher posts shortly.
officialThe board members filled the official posts at the annual meeting.
topThe top posts on the subreddit are all about cats.
highestHe achieved some of the highest posts in the government.
ministerialThe newly elected officials were all given ministerial posts
diplomaticShe served in various diplomatic posts in Europe.
uprightThe upright posts supported the roof of the barn.
westernThe western posts were made of rough-hewn logs.
responsibleShe demonstrated initiative and commitment to her company by taking on more responsible posts
verticalThe vertical posts supporting the roof were made of oak.
permanentThey applied for permanent posts at the new company.
minorThe new recruits were assigned to minor posts
frenchThe french posts were well received by the public.
civilThe head of the department has ordered to fill in vacant civil posts
bindingConnect the speaker wires to the binding posts on the back of the amplifier.
fortifiedThe fortified posts were manned by a small but determined group of soldiers.
strongThe sturdy bridge was supported by strong posts
academicI am looking for academic posts in the field of computer science.
vacantThere were still vacant posts that needed to be filled.
professionalThe company's professional posts attracted a lot of attention.
managerialHe held various managerial posts in the company.
tradingThe early explorers of the New World often established trading posts with the Native Americans.
respectiveThe mayor and his assistant took up their respective posts
lucrativeThe career was seen as a stepping stone to lucrative posts in government or business.
concreteThe concrete posts were used to reinforce the foundation of the building.
governmentalThe governmental posts in the administration have been filled with qualified candidates.
outThe settlers established out posts around the new town to protect it from raids.
numerousI have been tagged in numerous posts on Facebook.
interiorThe building had several interior posts supporting the roof.
isolatedThe isolated posts were covered in graffiti.
tallThe tall posts reached up to the sky.
principalShe has held many principal posts in her career.
judicialThe judicial posts will be filled by the chief justice.
doorHe inscribed the words over the door posts and on the wall.
gunThe gun posts were manned by soldiers.
subordinateI was offered one of the subordinate posts in the organization.
levelThe carpeting was laid with level posts
forwardThe forward posts were reinforced with additional troops.
consularThe consular posts of the United States are located in major cities around the world.
executiveThe company has a number of executive posts to fill.
overseasHe served in various overseas posts during his diplomatic career.
temporaryThe temporary posts were filled with recent graduates.
juniorThere are many junior posts available in the company.
smallerThe smaller posts were easier to handle.
chiefHe was recently promoted to one of the chief posts in the company.
outlyingThe outlying posts were manned by a small detachment of soldiers.
carvedI finished varnishing the carved posts that hold up the porch.
distantHer family and friends were scattered to distant posts
clericalApplicants with experience in clerical posts will be preferred.
intermediateThe intermediate posts were used to support the heavy load.
spanishThe traffic lights turned green, so the spanish posts began to move.
strategicThe commanding general placed strategic posts along the border to defend against invasion.
remoteI have worked at many different remote posts throughout my career.
timeThe time posts march relentlessly forward.

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