Adjectives for Potential

Adjectives For Potential

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing potential, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the right adjectives to describe potential can deeply influence the perception of its intensity and scope. The word full emphasizes completeness and the absence of untapped possibilities, while great and high hint at the magnitude of what might be achieved. The adjective human brings a personal touch, focusing on the innate capabilities within individuals, whereas greater suggests a comparison, signaling that there's more to be discovered or achieved. Economic directs the conversation towards financial or resource-based possibilities. Each adjective nuances the concept of potential in unique ways, painting varied pictures of opportunity and capacity. Discover the full range of adjectives and the distinct flavors they add to the noun potential in our comprehensive list below.
fullShe has not yet reached her full potential as a writer.
greatThis young inventor has great potential
highThis employee has high potential
humanThe true measure of human potential is not what you can do now but the potential that you have for what you can do next.
greaterThis team has greater potential than it shows.
economicThe economic potential of the region is vast.
greatestThe greatest potential lies in the unknown.
electricalThe electrical potential at a point is the amount of potential energy per unit charge that a charged particle would have at that point.
considerableThis new technology has considerable potential to revolutionize the industry.
lowThis job has low potential for growth.
electricThe electric potential at a point is the amount of electrical potential energy per unit charge at that point.
negativeThe negative potential of the news discouraged investors.
enormousThis new technology has enormous potential to change the world.
positiveThe company has positive potential for growth.
creativeThe creative potential in this artist is limitless.
higherThis new technology has higher potential to change our lives for the better.
tremendousThis young scientist has tremendous potential in the field of quantum physics.
maximumWe strive to achieve our maximum potential in all aspects of our lives.
futureThis young entrepreneur has immense future potential
significantThis new technology has significant potential to revolutionize the industry.
agriculturalThe region has great agricultural potential due to its fertile soil and abundant water resources.
therapeuticThe herb has therapeutic potential for treating anxiety and depression.
militaryThe military potential of the country is significant.
malignantThe tumor was found to have malignant potential
electrostaticThe electrostatic potential is the amount of electrical potential energy per unit charge at a given point in space.
highestThis student may have the highest potential of the class.
revolutionaryBlockchain technology has the revolutionary potential to transform industries and enhance global connectivity.
constantThe battery provides a constant potential difference.
trueUnleashing true potential leads to boundless possibilities.
commercialThis new technology has great commercial potential
vastThis technology has vast potential to change the world.
effectiveThe effective potential can be calculated from the partition function, including the Gibbs free energy.
productiveThe company's productive potential has been significantly increased due to the new machinery.
reproductiveThe population's reproductive potential had declined over time.
fullestWe are determined to help our employees achieve their fullest potential
intellectualThe student's intellectual potential is evident in his remarkable grasp of complex concepts.
industrial"New York has a lot of industrial potential"
geneticHer genetic potential was evident in her athleticism and intelligence.
gravitationalThe gravitational potential at a point is a measure of the gravitational force that would be exerted on a unit mass placed at that point.
limitedIts limited potential makes it a poor choice for large-scale applications.
standardThe standard potential of the hydrogen electrode is 0 volts.
evokedFunctional magnetic resonance imaging and magnetoencephalography measure brain activity directly, whereas evoked potentials measure it indirectly.
postsynapticThe postsynaptic potential is a measure of the electrical potential change in a neuron that occurs after the binding of a neurotransmitter to its receptor.
destructiveThe destructive potential of the storm was immense.
appliedThe applied potential was 1.5 V.
hugeThis project has huge potential for success.
magneticThe total magnetic potential inside a current loop is μ0 * 4π * N * I
electrochemicalThe electrochemical potential of a cell is the difference in electrical potential between its anode and cathode.
unlimitedThe possibilities are endless with unlimited potential
developmentalThe child's developmental potential is very promising.
termThe term potential refers to the maximum possible voltage that can be achieved in a given circuit.
untapped"We are a society with vast untapped potential."
immenseThe young inventor's latest creation had immense potential
periodicThe wave function of the electron in a periodic potential is given by Bloch's theorem.
thermodynamicThe thermodynamic potential of the system is a function of its state.
opticalThe optical potential is a complex function of energy and scattering angle.
osmoticThe osmotic potential of the solution was measured using a vapor pressure osmometer.
inherentThe athlete's inherent potential was evident from an early age.
nuclearThe country has increased its nuclear potential
lessThis candidate has less potential
hydroelectricThe hydroelectric potential of the region is estimated at over 100 megawatts.
academicThe student has demonstrated high academic potential and is expected to excel in their studies.
radicalThe new technology has radical potential to transform the industry.
uniqueThis opportunity holds unique potential for growth and development.
richThis project has rich potential for success.
upsideThis stock has significant upside potential
substantialThis new technology has substantial potential to revolutionize the industry.
attractiveThe company has an attractive potential for growth.
visualThe scenery offered us with great visual potential
transformativeThe transformative potential of AI is undeniable.
waveThe wave potential can be described as the probability of finding a particle at a given location and time.

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