Adjectives for Power

Adjectives For Power

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing power, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the versatile world of the noun 'power' alongside its descriptive adjectives unveils a spectrum of significance and impact. When coupled with 'political' or 'military,' it highlights authority and enforcement, whereas 'economic' shifts focus to the might within markets. The addition of 'electric' transforms it into a tangible, physical phenomenon, essential for modern life. The adjective 'great' magnifies its intensity, and 'more' suggests an insatiable quest for its increase. Each adjective not only modifies 'power' but also enriches its context, offering deeper insights into its application and influence in various spheres. Discover the full array of adjectives that reveal the multifaceted nature of 'power' and the nuances they add to its meaning.
politicalPolitical power is the ability to influence or control the decisions of a government or other organization.
greatWith great power comes great responsibility.
moreThe new engine provides more power
militaryThe military power of the United States is unmatched.
economicThis law gives enormous economic power to the elders.
electricThe electric power went out during the storm.
realReal power often lies in understanding rather than controlling.
fullThe engineer had full power over the project.
absoluteAbsolute power corrupts absolutely.
greaterWith greater power comes greater responsibility.
executiveThe president used his executive power to issue an executive order.
legislativeThe Assembly shall have exclusive legislative power over the pardon and commutation of punishments, and shall grant the same only on the recommendation in writing of the Board of Pardons and Paroles.
muchThey had too much power in the government.
divineThe divine power that flows through me shall vanquish all evil.
supremeThe president wielded supreme power over the nation.
lowThe device operates on low power
spiritualThe ancient scroll contained immense spiritual power
sovereignThe sovereign power of the people is vested in the government.
creativeThe artist's creative power was evident in every brushstroke.
foreignThe foreign power was accused of interfering in the election.
judicialThe judicial power is vested in the Supreme Court and lower courts established by Congress.
higher"My destiny is tied to that of the higher power"
considerableThe governor wielded considerable power during the state of emergency.
electricalThe electrical power was suddenly cut off.
civilThe civil power has been invested in the hands of the people.
navalThe country's naval power has been increasing in recent years.
royalThe king wielded royal power with an iron fist.
arbitraryThe arbitrary power of the king allowed him to rule without any checks or balances.
imperialThe Romans maintained their imperial power through a combination of military might and political savvy.
explanatoryThe theory had significant explanatory power which made it a valuable tool for understanding the phenomenon.
temporalThe temporal power of the church was waning.
sovietVladimir Lenin successfully led the Bolsheviks to power in the Russian Revolution, which established soviet power
makingHe was a keen advocate for making power more transparent.
unlimitedUnlimited power corrupts absolutely.
sufficientThe transformer had sufficient power to handle the load.
supernaturalThe main character was born with supernatural power
intellectualThe intellectual power of the philosopher was evident in his writing.
lessThis machine has less power than the other one.
colonialThe colonial power exploited the resources of the colony.
superiorThe superior power of the sun provided us with life-sustaining energy.
relativeRelative power is a social phenomenon in which people are influenced by others' power, whether it be perceived or actual.
enormousThe wizard unleashed his enormous power causing the earth to tremble and the sky to darken.
discretionaryThe company has discretionary power over the use of its funds.
europeanThe European powers colonized much of the world during the 19th century.
tremendousThe spaceship wielded tremendous power as it hurtled through the vast expanse of space.
maximumShe cranked the volume knob up to maximum power
federalThe federal power to regulate interstate commerce is essential to the functioning of the national economy.
mechanicalThe mechanical power of the engine is measured in watts.
coerciveThe coercive power of the state was on full display during the recent crackdown on protests.
extraordinaryThe sorcerer wielded the talisman, granting him extraordinary power
dominantThe United States has been the dominant power in the world for over a century.
potentialThe new AI system had the potential power to revolutionize the way we process information.
mightyThe mighty power surged through his veins, empowering him with an unimaginable strength.
presidentialThe president exercised his presidential power to veto the bill.
productiveThe company increased its productive power by hiring more staff.
enoughThe computer has enough power to run the program.
hydroelectricHydroelectric power is a renewable source of energy generated from the force of moving water.
immenseThe creature possessed immense power capable of leveling mountains with a single roar.
equalThe two leaders shared equal power in the government.
destructiveThe destructive power of the hurricane left a trail of devastation.
magicalThe wizard used his magical power to transform the frog into a prince.
magicThe wizard used his magic power to cast a spell.
infiniteThe universe holds infinite power within its vast expanse.
governmentalThe governmental power was used to suppress dissent.
constitutionalThe United States Constitution established a system of government with limited constitutional power
limitedThe organization had limited power over the region.

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