Adjectives for Practice

Adjectives For Practice

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing practice, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives preceding the noun 'practice' can significantly alter the nuances of a sentence, thereby affecting its overall impact. 'Common practice' implies a widespread acceptance or normality, while 'good practice' suggests an endorsement of quality or effectiveness. 'Clinical practice', on the other hand, introduces a professional or procedural dimension, emphasizing specific standards in a healthcare context. 'Actual practice' hints at the reality or practical execution, differentiating between theory and practice. 'Private practice' points to an exclusive or independent operation, often in a professional setting. 'General practice' broadens the reference, including a variety of unspecified activities or procedures. Each adjective unfolds a different layer of meaning, inviting readers to explore the depths of their use. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring 'practice' to life below.
commonIn many cultures, it is common practice to greet others with a handshake.
goodIt is good practice to wash your hands before eating.
clinicalDr. Smith has extensive clinical practice in the field of neurology.
actualHer actual practice was very different from her expectations.
privateHe quit his job to go into private practice
medicalI am looking for a doctor who takes a holistic approach to medical practice
socialEngaging in social practices promotes a sense of community and belonging.
currentCurrent practice is to use a combination of manual and automated processes to manage data.
bestIt is considered best practice to always have a backup plan
usualThe usual practice was to send a messenger to the king.
standardThis is a standard practice in the industry.
professionalIt is important to maintain professional practice when working with clients.
religiousThis religious practice is very important to me.
modernIt is a modern practice for marketing teams to use social media to advertise their products.
normalIn normal practice ice will melt at 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit).
dailyConsistent daily practice contributed to her remarkable improvement.
legalI have been involved in legal practice for over ten years.
traditionalThe traditional practice of yoga has many benefits for the mind and body.
educationalThe educational practice should be more innovative and engaging.
constantConstant practice leads to proficiency.
regularRegular practice is essential for improving skills.
ancientThe ancient practice of yoga has many health benefits.
spiritualMeditation is a spiritual practice that can help us find inner peace and connect with our true selves.
dentalThe patient is in the dental practice waiting room.
everydayEveryday practice is key to mastering any skill.
successfulThrough successful practice you can achieve your goals.
contemporaryContemporary practice is the application of current knowledge and techniques in a particular field.
universalThe universal practice of meditation has been shown to have many benefits.
ordinaryIn ordinary practice the results are often satisfactory.
culturalWe need to honor the cultural practices of our community.
routinePerforming routine practice is necessary for maintaining your physical and mental health.
widespreadThe widespread practice of deforestation has led to a significant loss of biodiversity.
scientificScientists adhere to a strict code of ethics in their scientific practice
activeEngaging in active practice will help you become proficient.
badRushing into decisions without considering all the facts is a bad practice
extensiveThe team's extensive practice paid off during the tournament.
unfairThe company has been accused of unfair practice in its hiring process.
pastOur past practice of saving for a rainy day has served us well.
effectiveEffective practice leads to improvement and success.
commercialWe have adopted this new commercial practice to increase our sales.
reflectiveReflective practice is the process of critically evaluating one's own actions, thoughts, and feelings in order to learn and improve.
customaryThe customary practice of reciting a prayer before a meal dates back to ancient times.
soundSound practice leads to positive outcomes.
ethicalEthical practice is the cornerstone of a successful and trustworthy organization.
administrativeThe administrative practice of the company was very efficient.
surgicalThe surgical practice has been operating for over 20 years.
frequentFrequent practice leads to increased proficiency.
psychiatricDr. Jones has been working in psychiatric practice for over 20 years.
dayWe had day practice today.
conventionalIn this case, conventional practice requires that the disagreement be resolved through the court system.
sharpThe plan is nothing more than sharp practice
architecturalThe architectural practice has been awarded numerous design awards.
lucrativeThe doctor had a lucrative practice in the city.
buddhistThrough buddhist practice I learned to let go of my ego and embrace humility.

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