Adjectives for Preference

Adjectives For Preference

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing preference, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of the word 'preference' through its accompanying adjectives unveils a tapestry of human individuality and choice. Whether it's 'personal preference' highlighting the intimate uniqueness of an individual's choices, 'strong preference' indicating an unwavering stance, or 'sexual preference' acknowledging an aspect of one's identity, each combination paints a distinct picture. Adjectives like 'own', 'marked', and 'individual' further underscore the significance of personal agency and the marked characteristics that define our decisions and inclinations. Each adjective, acting as a lens, magnifies different facets of preferences, offering a deeper understanding of the complexities behind our choices. Dive into the full list of adjectives below to explore the myriad ways in which 'preference' can be described and understood.
personalI choose not to share my personal preference on this matter.
strongI have a strong preference for coffee in the morning.
ownI like to choose my own preference
markedCandidates who show a marked preference for one particular area of work often do well in that field.
individualThe store offers a wide range of products to cater to individual preference
clearI have a clear preference for coffee over tea.
religiousI indicated my religious preference on the application, but I am not sure if it will be considered.
imperialThe imperial preference system, established in 1932, gave British colonies a tariff advantage on their exports to the United Kingdom.
generalThe general preference is for candidates with a strong academic record.
politicalHe kept his political preference a secret, not wanting to offend anyone.
specialI have a special preference for organic coffee.
undueThe company was accused of giving undue preference to certain suppliers.
greaterThe consumer shows a greater preference for domestic products.
distinctHe has a distinct preference for red wine.
particularI have no particular preference for either option.
slightI have a slight preference for tea over coffee.
definiteI have a definite preference for coffee over tea.
naturalI have a natural preference for foods that are high in protein.
revealedThe researcher used the participants' revealed preference to infer their utility function.
racialHe selected his roommate based on racial preference
culturalThe cultural preference for spicy food in the region is evident in the cuisine.
apparentShe showed an apparent preference for the blue dress.
relativeThe restaurant's menu is designed to cater for a wide range of relative preferences.
aestheticThe antique clock's ornate design appealed to her aesthetic preference
subjectiveThe color choice was a matter of subjective preference
strongerDue to the limited space, we have a stronger preference for smaller candidates.
overwhelmingThe overwhelming preference for the new product was apparent in the sales figures.
traditionalMy uncle's traditional preference for strong, dark coffee is well-known.
obviousThe team had an obvious preference for hiring experienced engineers.
mereHis mere preference for the color blue was not a good enough reason to paint the house.
ideologicalThe researcher found that their ideological preference was correlated with their support for the death penalty.
overallIn terms of overall preference the blue option was selected more frequently.
consistentWe have a consistent preference for the familiar.
deliberateThe hiring manager showed a deliberate preference for candidates with experience in the industry.
fraudulentThe court ruled that the payment constituted a fraudulent preference
exclusiveThe exclusive preference for domestic products was evident in the consumer's buying habits.
parentalThe parental preference has been taken into account when making the decision.
absoluteAlice expressed her absolute preference for tropical fruits.
conditionedThe conditioned preference for sweetened water over plain water was significant.
instinctiveIn most species, there is an instinctive preference for group membership.
maleIn the vast majority of animal species, there is a male preference for females who are larger than themselves.
presidentialThe report found that the Democratic presidential preference was at 50.5% in May.
visualI have a visual preference for the color blue.
handI am right-handed, which means my hand preference is to use my right hand for writing and other tasks.
innateThe innate preference for certain foods varies across individuals.
occupationalHer occupational preference is for medicine.
lateralThe left-handed batter showed a strong lateral preference throughout his career.
universalThe universal preference for certain characteristics is a complex phenomenon.
colonialThe colonial preference system gave preferential treatment to goods imported from other colonies of the same empire.
physicianThe physician preference for treatment options can be a determining factor in patient care.
pronouncedShe had a pronounced preference for the latest fashion.
rationalEconomists assume that households have rational preferences, which means they make decisions that maximize their satisfaction or utility.
strictDespite the strict preference for low-carbohydrate diets, clinicians recommend a balanced diet.
ethnicThe university's ethnic preference program was designed to increase diversity.
consciousMy conscious preference is to use sustainable products.
vocationalShe focused on vocational preference after graduating high school.

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