Adjectives for Presence

Adjectives For Presence

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing presence, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'presence' carries with it a multitude of different shades and nuances when paired with various adjectives. A 'physical presence' suggests tangibility and immediacy, while a 'very presence' amplifies the significance or impact of someone or something. The 'mere presence' can convey the idea of sufficiency or minimal requirement, indicating how just being there can be enough. 'Military presence,' on the other hand, introduces a sense of authority or power, often implying control or domination. Meanwhile, the term 'divine presence' elevates the context to a spiritual or supernatural dimension, hinting at an ethereal or transcendent quality. Lastly, a 'real presence' grounds the discussion in authenticity and genuineness. Each combination opens a unique narrative window, enriching the conversation with diverse connotations and implications. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can change the essence of 'presence' below.
physicalThe physical presence of the CEO at the company's annual meeting was well received by investors.
veryHer very presence filled the room with a sense of warmth and acceptance.
mereThe mere presence of the cat kept the mice away.
militaryThe US has a strong military presence in the Pacific region.
divineI felt a sense of divine presence in the serene temple.
realThe bread and wine of the Eucharist are believed to have a real presence of Jesus Christ by Christians.
continuedHe assured his continued presence in the company as a valuable asset.
constantHer constant presence was a source of comfort to me.
strongShe was a woman with a strong presence
americanThe American presence in the Middle East has been a source of tension for decades.
actualThe actual presence of the divine was felt in the sacred space.
immediateI felt their immediate presence as soon as they walked into the room.
possibleWe are investigating the possible presence of a suspect in the area.
royalThe ambassadors bowed before the king and his queen, impressed by their majestic royal presence
personalHer personal presence radiated confidence and authenticity.
britishThe British presence in India lasted for over two centuries.
simultaneousThe simultaneous presence of multiple individuals created a lively atmosphere.
visibleThe company expanded its visible presence by opening new stores in key cities.
spiritualThe spiritual presence filled the room with a sense of peace and serenity.
significantThe company had a significant presence in the region.
sovietThere is little evidence for a significant soviet presence in the region.
powerfulThe general exuded a powerful presence that commanded respect.
permanentThe company's permanent presence in the region has allowed it to build strong relationships with local businesses.
frequentTheir frequent presence at the local coffee shop made them a familiar sight to the regulars.
activeIn the room, her active presence could not be denied.
continuousTheir continuous presence in the area raised suspicions.
commandingThe general entered the room with a commanding presence
frenchThe French presence in the region was felt through its support for the local economy and culture.
navalThe US Navy maintained a strong naval presence in the Pacific Ocean during the Cold War.
invisibleHis invisible presence still lingered in the house.
ubiquitousTechnology's ubiquitous presence has become an undeniable reality in modern life.
universalGod's universal presence permeates all of creation, from the tiniest atom to the vast expanse of the cosmos.
occasionalThe occasional presence of sunlight illuminated the forest floor.
europeanThe European presence in Asia began with the arrival of the Portuguese in the early 16th century.
continualHer continual presence brought a sense of comfort to the room.
graciousHer gracious presence brought a sense of calm and elegance to the room.
augustThe august presence of the queen commanded respect.
pervasiveThe pervasive presence of technology was felt throughout the city.
overwhelmingThe overwhelming presence of the towering skyscraper cast an ominous shadow over the city.
holyI felt a sense of peace and awe in the holy presence of the divine.
substantialHer substantial presence in the music industry has earned her numerous accolades.
abiding"A cat's abiding presence remains a comforting solace"
unseenEmily was afraid of the unseen presence lurking in the shadows.
silentHer silent presence brought a sense of peace to the room.
femaleThe female presence in the room created an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.
globalThe company's global presence has allowed it to reach new markets and expand its customer base.
nobleThe old man had a noble presence his eyes twinkling with wisdom and his bearing exuding dignity.
massiveThe company's massive presence in the market ensured its dominance.
nearThe near presence of the enemy brought fear into their hearts.
eternalThe eternal presence filled the room with an ethereal glow.
imperialThe imperial presence was felt throughout the province.
colonialThe colonial presence in India left a lasting impact on the country's development.
dominantThe dominant presence of the mountain loomed over the surrounding landscape.
awfulThe party was a grand affair, but her awful presence made the event unbearable.
mysteriousThe mysterious presence filled the room with an eerie sense of unease.
russianThe Russian presence was felt throughout the region.
spanishThe Spanish presence in the Americas had a profound impact on the region's culture and history.
alienThe scout ship investigated the strange energy signature, but found no sign of alien presence
ghostlyThe old house exuded an eerie ghostly presence
sacredThe sacred presence of the divine filled the room, creating an atmosphere of reverence and awe.
comfortingHe offered a comforting presence during her difficult time.
perpetualThe belief in a perpetual presence leaves comfort and tranquility in the hearts of many.
unexpectedThe unexpected presence of the stranger sent shivers down her spine.
africanThe African presence in the United States dates back to the 16th century.
gloriousThe glorious presence of the king commanded respect.
onlineThere are many ways to establish an online presence for a company.
formidableHe carries himself with a formidable presence

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