Adjectives for Present

Adjectives For Present

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing present, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a present can significantly change the perception of the message you're conveying. Be it an only present, cherished for its uniqueness, an immediate present that speaks volumes of thoughtfulness at the moment, or a little present that warms the heart, every adjective adds a distinct flavor. Even more intriguing are contexts where we find bacteria present, indicating a scientific observation, or a longer present suggesting endurance over time. The nuance doesn't stop there; a total present encompasses everything within, offering a sense of completeness. Each adjective enriches the noun, opening a library of emotions and interpretations. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives linked with the noun 'present' below.
onlyThe prince only present himself.
immediateShe is reading a book at the immediate present
littleShe gave me a little present for my birthday.
bacteriaThere are bacteria present in the soil.
longerThe longer present is the gift of time.
muchI have much present in my life.
eternalTime seemed to stand still in the eternal present
seniorThe senior present at the meeting was well-respected.
freeI would like a free present please.
speciousI was given a specious present at the party last night.
acidThe acid present in your sample is concentrated.
actualOur ancestors perceived more sounds, but our actual present operates through vision.
organicThe organic present is a gift to be cherished and appreciated.
valuableI received a valuable present from my friend.
niceI hope you like your nice present
pastShe understood that the past present was over and done with.
fatI received a fat present from my aunt.
lessAs time wears on, our memories often become less present in our minds.
acceptableThe style of music is acceptable present for graduation.
beautifulShe received a beautiful present from her husband.
alreadyThe documents were already present in the system.
sufficientThe organization shared sufficient present with the team members.
enoughThere was not enough present in the room.
suitableHer suitable present comes as no surprise to me.
likelyDue to the poor storage conditions, pests are likely present in the food supply.
oldestThe oldest present I received for my birthday was a handwritten letter from my grandmother.
wonderfulI received a wonderful present last week.
timelessIn the timeless present all moments exist simultaneously.
awayShe sent her husband away present
perpetualLife in the perpetual present is a never-ending stream of moments.
excessShe wields an excess present
solidWe are enjoying a solid present and looking forward to an even brighter future.
absentHe felt an absent present in her voice.
welcomeI was delighted with the welcome present
geneticThe genetic present is the collection of alleles that are present in a population at a given time.

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