Adjectives for Press

Adjectives For Press

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing press, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun press conveys a plethora of nuances, reflecting its diverse roles in society. A free press embodies the ideal of unrestricted journalism, while an American press highlights geographic and cultural distinctions in media practices. A local press brings community-specific news, fostering a sense of belonging among readers. The term popular press signals media that resonates broadly with the public, and a daily press underscores the relentless pace of news cycles. The British press, with its unique idioms and issues, offers yet another layer of complexity. Each adjective unveils a different facet of the press, inviting readers to explore the full spectrum of perspectives below.
freeThe free press is essential for a healthy democracy.
americanThe American press is a vital part of the democratic process.
localThe local press covered the event, providing detailed insights and perspectives.
popularThe popular press has been full of stories about the new discovery.
dailyI prefer to read the daily press to stay informed.
publicThe public press is a powerful tool for informing the public about important issues.
nationalThe national press lauded the president's swift response to the crisis.
sovietThe soviet press hailed Brezhnev as a hero.
hydraulicThe mechanic used a hydraulic press to extract the ball joint from the suspension assembly.
foreignThe foreign press was given exclusive access to the new product launch.
germanThe German press has been reporting on the scandal for weeks.
englishThe english press is famous for its independence.
frenchI love the rich, bold flavor of coffee brewed in a french press
badThe company received bad press for its handling of the scandal.
periodicalI enjoy reading the periodical press to stay informed about current events.
westernThe western press has been critical of the government's handling of the crisis.
blackThe newspaper had a close relationship with the black press
internationalThe international press was in attendance at the summit.
montrealThe Montreal press was a Canadian literary magazine published in Montreal, Quebec from 1946 to 1962.
undergroundThe underground press was a source of alternative and often anti-establishment news and commentary.
mainstreamThe mainstream press often reports on current events with a bias.
communistThe communist press was a powerful tool for disseminating propaganda.
languageThe language press covered the story extensively.
russianThe russian press is a great way to work your abs and obliques.
democraticThe democratic press is an important part of a free and open society.
japaneseThe Japanese press has been covering the story extensively.
officialThe official press release stated that the company had made significant progress in its latest project.
financialThe financial press has been closely following the company's recent financial results.
conservativeThe conservative press often supports traditional values.
independentThe independent press is a vital part of a healthy democracy.
academicThe academic press has been discussing the issue for years.
entireThe entire press was invited to the launch event.
europeanThe European press has been abuzz with news of the latest royal wedding.
radicalThe radical press has been stoking the flames of unrest.
yellowThe yellow press has been criticized for its sensationalism and distortion of facts.
controlledThe controlled press helped to keep the populace calm during the crisis.
republicanThe Republican press has been criticizing the new administration's policies.
provincialOnce the provincial press found out, they ran with the story.
rotaryThe newspaper was printed on a rotary press
bourgeoisThe bourgeois press is a term used to describe newspapers and magazines that are owned and operated by the capitalist class.
southernThe dealers bought the crops at prices dictated by the southern press
northernThe northern press reported the news of the hurricane.
hotI used a hot press to seal the edges of the fabric.
secularThe secular press often provides a more balanced and objective view of events than the religious press.
wingThe wing press is a machine used to develop the chest muscles.
contemporaryThe contemporary press was full of speculation about the future of the country.
norwegianThe Norwegian press has been critical of the government's handling of the pandemic.
socialistThe socialist press was very influential in the early 20th century.
polishI read the polish press every day.
westportThe westport press is a type of chest exercise that targets the triceps and chest muscles, specifically the clavicular head of the pectoralis major.}
hostileThe hostile press attacked the politician's every move.
richmondThe Richmond press is the only local newspaper in the wake of the demise of the Martin County Journal.
israeliThe Israeli press has been reporting on the latest developments in the peace process.
alternativeThe alternative press has become increasingly influential in recent years.
handThe hand press is a simple machine that uses a lever to multiply force.
turkishThe Turkish press is known for its lively and critical coverage of domestic and international events.
gayI read that in the gay press
weeklyThe weekly press conference was held on Wednesdays.
partisanThe partisan press often slants the news to favor one political party over another.
oliveThe olive press was used to extract oil from olives.
australianIt was stated in the Australian press that he was to be sent at once to Western Australia.
ibadanThe ibadan press is one of the most important newspapers in Nigeria.
canadianThe Canadian press is Canada's national news agency.
colonialThe colonial press was a powerful tool in shaping the American Revolution.

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