Adjectives for Price

Adjectives For Price

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing price, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the price of an item can significantly impact a reader's perception. Descriptors such as high and higher highlight the costliness, possibly reflecting premium quality or exclusivity. Conversely, adjectives like low and lower suggest affordability and accessibility, often appealing to budget-conscious consumers. The term average positions a price point as standard, neither cheap nor expensive, suitable for a broad audience. Meanwhile, retail emphasizes the context of consumer purchasing directly from stores. Each adjective adds a nuanced perspective to the cost, directly influencing consumer expectation and interest. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with price to understand the myriad ways they shape consumer perception.
highThe high price of gasoline has forced many people to carpool.
higherThe higher price of the new product discouraged many buyers.
averageThe average price of a house in the United States is around $300,000.
lowThe Supermarket offers fresh fruits at a low price
lowerI am looking for a lower price on this product.
retailThe retail price of the product is $10.
fairI got the product for a fair price at the store.
currentThe current price of the stock is $100 per share.
reasonableThe laptop is available at a reasonable price
relativeThe relative price of gasoline has been steadily increasing over the past few months.
fixedThe project will be completed at a fixed price of $1 million.
lowestThis product is available at the lowest price
highestThe store is offering their laptops at their highest price this holiday season.
heavyThe company paid a heavy price for their mistake.
fullThe customer paid full price for the item.
minimumWe set the minimum price for the product at $10.
originalThe original price of the car was $20,000.
wholesaleThe wholesale price of the product is $10.
totalThe total price for the items is $100.
domesticThe domestic price of oil has been rising steadily over the past few months.
bestWe offer the best price
actualThe actual price of the car is $20,000.
betterWe offer you a better price
netThe net price of the car is $20,000.
maximumThe maximum price for the product is $100.
finalThe final price was $100.
possibleThe possible price of the car is $10,000.
competitiveThe company offers a competitive price for its products.
moderateI'm looking for a hotel with a moderate price
regularThe regular price for this item is \$5.
nominalThe product is available at a nominal price
initialThe initial price of the product was set at $10.
exorbitantThe exorbitant price of gasoline forced many drivers to seek alternative transportation.
usualThe usual price of the item is $10.
reducedThe reduced price of the item enticed me to buy it.
officialThe official price of the product is $10.
terribleThe product was offered at a terrible price
standardThe standard price of the product is $10.
agreedThe agreed price for the car was $10,000.
exactPlease tell me the exact price including tax.
halfI bought the book at half price
cheapThe cheap price of this item makes it really appealing.
uniformThe new pricing structure will have a uniform price for all items.
justThe market price of a commodity is its just price
enormousThe enormous price of the car made it impossible for me to buy.
nonThe company's non price factors, such as customer service and brand reputation, are also important.
topThere are many other products on the market, but this one has the top price
wageThe inflation rate is influenced by both wage price and demand-pull factors.
doubleIf you don't pay on time, it will cost you double price
costThe cost price of the product is 100$.
cheaperThe cheaper price is available for a limited time.
dearI paid a dear price for my mistake.
modestThe charming cottage is available for a modest price
forwardThe forward price is the price at which a commodity is expected to be sold in the future.
marginalThe marginal price of a product is the additional price charged for one more unit of the product.
affordableYou can get a good quality product at an affordable price
meanThe mean price of the product is 25$
optimalThe optimal price for this product is $100.
acceptableI'm looking for a car at an acceptable price

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