Adjectives for Prices

Adjectives For Prices

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing prices, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of using adjectives with the word 'prices' can dramatically alter the perception of value and affordability in the reader's mind. Descriptors like high and higher suggest a premium or potentially overpriced scenario, possibly deterring budget-sensitive individuals. Conversely, adjectives like low and lower can imply great deals or lesser quality, depending on context. The term relative introduces a comparison aspect, indicating that the value is not absolute but dependent on other factors. Meanwhile, current emphasizes the timeliness or relevance of the price point. Each adjective paints a distinct picture, influencing perception and decision-making. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives related to 'prices' that can enhance your writing or marketing material.
highThe high prices of gas are hurting the economy.
higherWith higher prices and a flimsy economy, people are spending less.
lowGet ready for amazing savings and low prices on all your favorite items!
lowerThe store is offering lower prices on all items this week.
relativeThe relative prices of different goods and services can have a significant impact on the economy.
currentThe company reported a loss of $1 million at current prices
wholesaleThe wholesale prices of goods have risen sharply in recent months.
domesticThe domestic prices for goods and services have been steadily rising.
retailThe company's retail prices are very competitive.
reasonableI found a store that offers reasonable prices and great customer service.
constantWe can compare the cost of living over time by using constant prices
averageThe average prices of gasoline in the United States have increased in recent months.
agriculturalThe government has announced a new set of policies to support agricultural prices
internationalThe company's products are sold at international prices
realThe real prices of goods have been rising steadily over the past few years.
competitiveWe offer the widest range of products at competitive prices
exorbitantThe exorbitant prices of the new cars made it impossible for me to afford one.
stableThe economy is doing well, with stable prices and low unemployment.
betterWe offer better prices than our competitors.
actualThe actual prices of the products are listed on the website.
minimumThe minimum prices for the products are displayed on the website.
fairThe store offers customers fair prices for all of their products.
lowestGet the lowest prices on the finest merchandise.
inflatedThe store's inflated prices made it difficult to justify the purchase.
highestCustomers were outraged by the highest prices they had ever seen.
futureThe company announced future prices for its products.
fixedWe offer fixed prices for all our services.
moderateThe restaurant offers a variety of dishes at moderate prices
controlledThe government plans to implement controlled prices on essential goods to help reduce inflation.
maximumThe government set maximum prices for essential goods.
crudeThe crude prices have been fluctuating in the recent weeks.
officialThe government released the official prices of essential commodities.
internalThe company's internal prices were not in line with market prices.
nominalWe offer a wide range of products and services at nominal prices
industrialIndustrial prices rose at a slower pace in the latest month.
rawThe broker displayed the raw prices of all the stocks.
cheapThe store was discovered for its cheap prices
affordableThe store offers a wide selection of products at affordable prices
depressedThe company is selling its products at depressed prices
remunerativeThe farmers had to pay remunerative prices for the fertilizers.
excessiveThe excessive prices of the local stores drove many residents to shop online.
fabulousBe the first to see our fabulous prices
enormousThe restaurant had enormous prices deterring many customers.
uniformThe store had uniform prices for all its products.
fancyThe restaurant had fancy prices that were out of my budget.
cheaperThe new store offers cheaper prices than the others.
subsidizedThe government subsidized prices for basic necessities in order to help low-income families.
favorableThe store offered the customers some favorable prices on all their appliances.
netOur net prices are highly competitive.
reducedThe store is offering reduced prices on all items this week.
comparativeI'll show you comparative prices and specifications on the laptops.
attractiveThe store is offering attractive prices for its new arrivals.
flexibleMany consumer goods markets have flexible prices which change frequently to reflect changes in supply and demand.
extravagantThe luxuriant restaurant had extravagant prices that even the wealthiest customers found hard to stomach.
bottomVisit our store today for bottom prices on all your favorite items!
fluctuatingThe fluctuating prices of gasoline made it difficult to budget for transportation.
monthlyThe monthly prices for the service have increased.
respectiveThe stores increased the prices of all items by 5% but maintained their respective prices
forwardCommodity futures markets enable participants to hedge and speculate using forward prices
comparableThe stores offered comparable prices on the same products.

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