Adjectives for Principal

Adjectives For Principal

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing principal, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'principal' can significantly alter its meaning and context. An 'assistant principal' has a supportive role, whereas a 'high principal' could imply seniority or a principal position within a higher educational setting. 'First principal' suggests a rank or primacy in a sequence, while 'new principal' indicates recent appointment. An 'elementary principal' is specific to elementary schools, showing how adjectives can narrow down the environment. 'Former principal' refers to someone who once held the position, offering a temporal perspective. Through these nuanced combinations, adjectives enrich our understanding of the principal's role and context. Explore the full list of adjectives that reveal more about the multifaceted world of principals below.
assistantI had a meeting with the assistant principal yesterday.
highWe are working to ensure that every student has access to high principal leadership.
newThe new principal is strict but fair.
elementaryThe elementary principal greeted the students with a warm smile.
formerThe former principal was a respected figure in the community.
undisclosedThe undisclosed principal who sought to purchase the property, remained out of sight.
viceThe vice principal reprimanded the student for his behavior.
lateThe late principal had left a large sum of money to the school.
originalThe original principal amount of the loan was $10,000.
presentThe present principal gave a speech to the students.
notionalThe notional principal of the swap is $100 million.
outstandingThe outstanding principal on the loan was $10,000.
secondaryThe secondary principal met with the students to discuss their concerns.
foreignThe foreign principal is a non-resident individual or entity that is the owner of a debt obligation.
unpaidThe amount of unpaid principal on the loan is $1,000.
entireThe entire principal comprising 500 students, was present at the assembly.
effectiveThe effective principal of this loan is the present value of all the future cash flows from this loan.
blackThe black principal of the school was very kind and helpful.
juniorThe junior principal has been working on the project for several years.
middleThe middle principal of the school is a kind and helpful person.
currentThe current principal of the school is Dr. Smith.
femaleThe female principal of the high school was an inspirational leader.
retiredThe retired principal spent his days gardening and volunteering.
maleThe male principal greeted the students warmly.
activeThe active principal in the reaction was a strong acid.
associateThe associate principal has been working at the school for over ten years.
successfulThe successful principal led the school to new heights of achievement.
fundamentalThe fundamental principal of the company is to provide excellent customer service.
timeThe time principal is an important concept in physics.
wiseThe wise principal guided her students with compassion and understanding.
seniorThe senior principal of the firm was a respected leader in the industry.
monthlyThe monthly principal payment on the mortgage was $1,200.
officialThe official principal of the school welcomed the new students.
allegedThe alleged principal of the school was arrested for embezzlement.
experiencedThe experienced principal initiated a new program to improve student engagement.
foundingThe founding principal of the company was a visionary leader.
dueThe due principal on the loan is $100,000.
highschoolI need to speak to the highschool principal for my son's transfer from another school.
competentThe competent principal is a vital part of any successful school.
learnedShe learned principal methodology in her math class.
fondThe fond principal guided the young boy through his difficult journey.
idealThe ideal principal of a school is one who is fair, just, and supportive of all students.
yearThe total year principal is $10,000.
unnamedThe unnamed principal was responsible for the school's academic success.
worthyThe worthy principal of our school is a respected and admired leader in our community.
distinguishedThe distinguished principal was honored for her years of service.
prospectiveThe prospective principal greeted the new students warmly.
soleThe sole principal of the company is responsible for all financial decisions.
payableThe remaining payable principal is $100,000.

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