Adjectives for Principles

Adjectives For Principles

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing principles, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe principles can profoundly alter the meaning conveyed. For instance, general principles suggests broad, universally applicable guidelines, while fundamental principles denotes foundational rules critical to a system's operation. Mentioning basic principles might imply simplicity and foundational knowledge, contrasting with the complexity hinted at by moral principles, which speaks to ethical considerations. Additionally, the phrase same principles can highlight consistency or universality, whereas first principles often refers to original, foundational concepts in reasoning. The nuances introduced by these adjectives can significantly impact the interpretation of principles in any context. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring these subtle distinctions to life below.
generalConsider the general principles we need to follow to achieve quality.
basicUnderstanding the basic principles of a subject can help you grasp it more deeply.
fundamentalThe law is based on fundamental principles of fairness and justice.
sameWe should approach this problem with the same principles that we used last time.
firstWe need to go back to first principles to understand this problem.
moralIntegrity is adherence to moral principles and ethical values.
certainEvery society should follow certain principles in order to maintain peace and harmony.
ethicalThe company operates in accordance with high ethical principles
democraticThe country is founded on democratic principles
scientificResearch and development of our products are guided by scientific principles
legalThe court applied the legal principles of equity and good conscience in its decision.
soundHe succeeded in business because he had sound principles
religiousThe company upholds strong religious principles in all its business dealings.
universalThe universal principles of ethics apply to all people, regardless of their culture or background.
mainThe main principles of science are observation, experimentation, and hypothesis testing.
abstractThe philosopher argued that abstract principles should guide our moral decisions.
christianHe was raised with strong christian principles
trueIntegrity requires adherence to true principles
liberalThe Constitution protects citizens' liberal principles such as freedom of speech and religion.
broadThe broad principles of the company involve integrity, respect, and innovation.
essentialEssential principles guide our approach to solving complex problems.
constitutionalThe Supreme Court's decision was based on constitutional principles
elementaryThe teacher explained the elementary principles of the subject to the students.
theoreticalThe presentation covered the main theoretical principles of the field.
republicanRepublican principles are based on the idea that all citizens are equal under the law.
activeThe active principles in the herb are thought to be responsible for its medicinal properties.
keyThe key principles of the project were transparency, accountability, and inclusivity.
psychologicalThe advertising campaign was designed using psychological principles to appeal to the target audience's emotions and desires.
mechanicalThe engineer used mechanical principles to design the new bridge
philosophicalThe philosophical principles of the school were based on the teachings of Socrates.
rationalThe company has adopted rational principles in its decision-making process.
mathematicalThe engineer used mathematical principles to design the bridge
eternalThe eternal principles of morality guide our decisions.
cardinalThe success of our company is based on the cardinal principles of teamwork, integrity, and innovation.
aboveThe treaty was drafted in accordance with the above principles
logicalThe researcher followed the logical principles to ensure the validity of the study.
correctThe company is founded on the correct principles
structuralThe building's structural principles were sound, ensuring its longevity.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary principles of the Enlightenment inspired the American Revolution.
aestheticThe design adheres to strict aesthetic principles
socialistSocialist principles such as the collective ownership of the means of production, are a cornerstone of the nation's political and economic system.
organizational"Bank of America is a bank holding company that provides a variety of financial services and products, including retail and business banking, corporate and investment banking, and global wealth and investment management. The company's organizational principles are based on providing value to its customers, delivering a superior customer experience, and driving sustainable long-term growth."
islamicThe company's operations are based on islamic principles
falseThe theory was based on false principles
fixedShe had certain fixed principles that she never deviated from.
strictHer strict principles guided her every decision.
metaphysicalThe metaphysical principles underlying the universe are still largely unknown.
ultimatePhilosophy explores the ultimate principles of reality.
biblicalThis book is a great resource for understanding biblical principles
prioriMoral laws are a priori principles implicit in our thought.
conservativeHe maintained a deep belief in conservative principles
normativeThis ethical dilemma is rendered even more complex by the normative principles that must be taken into consideration.
ecologicalThey used ecological principles to design the garden.
equitableThe agreement was based on equitable principles
methodologicalThe research is guided by a set of methodological principles
vitalVital principles are essential for a just and equitable society.
foregoingThe foregoing principles shall not be construed to reduce or infringe the full range of rights under the Convention.

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