Adjectives for Printer

Adjectives For Printer

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing printer, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using different adjectives with the noun 'printer' can greatly alter the nuance of what we're discussing, from the 'first printer' evoking thoughts of pioneering technology to a 'local printer' suggesting community and accessibility. The term 'matrix printer' takes us back to the nostalgia of early computing, whereas 'public printer' brings to mind the convenience and sometimes frustration of shared devices. Describing a printer as 'English' could imply a specific origin or type, whereas a 'young printer' might refer to a recent model or venture in printing technology. Each adjective opens up a distinct storyline or feature set, enriching our understanding and appreciation of printers. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with printers and the unique stories they tell below.
firstAlthough he patented the first printer Gutenberg struggled to get financing for his project.
localThe document was sent to the local printer
matrixThe matrix printer was the only option for printing in the early days of computing.
publicThe school district's public printer made sure that all of the students had textbooks.
englishThe english printer was very good at his job.
youngThe young printer worked diligently, his fingers flying over the keyboard.
laserI need to buy a new laser printer for my home office.
speedI need to print this document on the speed printer
commercialThe commercial printer quickly produced high-quality brochures for the marketing campaign.
opticalI used an optical printer to create the final prints.
lineThe line printer produced a hard copy of the document.
sharedThe shared printer was not working correctly.
qualityThe quality printer produced sharp and vibrant images.
officialThe official printer of the company is located in the basement.
particularI need to use the particular printer in the other room.
practicalI need a practical printer that can handle heavy-duty printing.
remoteThe remote printer is located in the other building.
famousJohannes Gutenberg was a famous printer who invented the printing press in the 15th century.
thermalThe patient was given a thermal printer to monitor their temperature.
serialThe serial printer had stopped working.
poorThe poor printer jammed again.
germanThe german printer was very efficient.
specificI need to print this document on the specific printer in the back room.
celebratedThe celebrated printer invented a new type of ink.
parallelThe parallel printer is an older type of printer that connects to a computer using a parallel port.
frenchThe french printer is very efficient.
standardOur standard printer is capable of producing high-quality documents.
eminentThe eminent printer published the first American dictionary.
digitalI need a new digital printer for my home office.
currentI need to replace the ink cartridge in my current printer
compatibleI need to buy a compatible printer for my computer.
professionalThe professional printer produced high-quality documents with vivid colors and sharp text.
typicalThe typical printer struggles to print quality color documents.
daisyThe daisy printer was a popular choice in the early days of personal computing.
royalThe royal printer was summoned to the palace to print the king's decree.
learnedJohn was a learned printer who worked in a publishing house.
venetianThe Venetian printer Aldus Manutius published the first book in italic type in 1501.
postscriptThe office bought a new postscript printer for the marketing department.
logicalThe logical printer is used to print the data on the screen.
portableI need a portable printer for my mobile office setup.
correctPlease ensure your correct printer is selected.
successfulHe is a successful printer who has built a thriving business.
knownThe letter was delivered by the well-known printer in the neighborhood.
masterThe master printer carefully inspected the proofs before approving them for publication.
nonimpactThis report was generated using a nonimpact printer such as a laser or inkjet.
prettyThe pretty printer formatted the JSON output beautifully.
networkedThe networked printer is connected to the wireless network.
ordinaryThe ordinary printer was unable to produce the high-quality prints that the customer desired.
colonial Benjamin Franklin was a renowned colonial printer
appropriatePlease ensure you select the appropriate printer before starting the job.
italianThe Italian printer is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and intricate designs.
unknownThe unknown printer caused a malfunction in the system.
virtualI installed the virtual printer on my old laptop.
electrostaticThe electrostatic printer uses toner to create an image on paper.
inexpensiveI bought an inexpensive printer for my office.
timeThe time printer will generate a printed record of the current time.
experiencedThe experienced printer promptly finished the order.
lithographicThe lithographic printer quickly produced high-quality prints using a flat surface.
availableThere is only one available printer in the office.
centuryThe century printer produced high-quality prints that were used for various purposes.
windowsThe report was sent to the windows printer by the user.
parisianThe Parisian printer had great skill in typography.
skilledThe skilled printer quickly produced a flawless document.
expensiveThe expensive printer was on sale for half price.
enterprisingThe enterprising printer started his own business after inventing a new printing press.
dpiI need a new dpi printer for my home office.

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