Adjectives for Prints

Adjectives For Prints

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing prints, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe prints can significantly affect the perception of your sentence. Whether it's a public display or a blue hue that catches the eye, adjectives bring color and context. Consider the difference between Japanese prints, known for their detailed craftsmanship and cultural significance, versus old prints, which might evoke a sense of history and nostalgia. Similarly, photographic prints offer a glimpse into realism, while foot prints stir thoughts of journeys and past steps. Each adjective unlocks a unique narrative dimension, inviting readers to dive deeper into the story behind the prints. Explore the full spectrum of descriptive possibilities below.
publicIn the public prints the politician was accused of corruption.
blueThe architect used blue prints to design the house.
japaneseI have a collection of antique Japanese prints
oldI found some old prints in the attic.
photographicHe displayed his collection of photographic prints at the local gallery
footI followed the foot prints in the sand.
glossyWe put the glossy prints into the album.
whiteWhite prints adorned the pristine walls of the gallery.
originalThe gallery showcased a collection of original prints by renowned artists.
fineMake sure to read the fine prints before signing the contract.
coloredThe photographer sold the most exquisite colored prints
colouredThey displayed their coloured prints in the gallery.
positiveThe old photo album was filled with positive prints of family memories.
blackThe black prints on the page were barely visible.
latentThe police were able to identify the suspect by matching their latent prints to those found at the crime scene.
popularThe popular prints were widely distributed and often depicted current events or historical themes.
contemporaryThe art gallery featured a vibrant collection of contemporary prints
woodblockThe woodblock prints were vibrant and intricate.
cheapI was able to find some cheap prints of my favorite paintings.
framedThe walls were adorned with framed prints of classic paintings.
floralThe flowing dress had beautiful floral prints that brought out the colors of the garden.
rareI found some rare prints at the antique market.
frenchThe walls were adorned with elegant french prints that depicted scenes of Parisian life.
centuryThe old library had shelves lined with century prints
beautifulMy room is adorned with beautiful prints of sunflowers.
blockThe artist specializes in making intricate block prints
qualityI was very satisfied with the quality prints I received from the company.
numerousThe cave walls were covered in numerous prints of ancient hands.
colourThe colour prints were vibrant and eye-catching.
satiricalThe satirical prints mocked the shortcomings of the ruling class.
freshLily followed the fresh prints in the snow, hoping they would lead her to her lost dog.
negativeShe was disappointed by the negative prints they did not show her in a flattering light.
finishedI was so excited to see the finished prints
excellentPhotographs were printed with excellent prints
lithographicThe art gallery displayed a collection of lithographic prints that showcased the city's architectural landmarks.
hoofThe horses left their hoof prints in the soft dirt.
dailyThe daily prints arrived this morning.
multipleShe sold multiple prints of her popular painting.
enlargedShe ordered enlarged prints of her favorite photos.
brightThe room was filled with the vibrant hues of bright prints
digitalThe police used digital prints to identify the suspect.
bloodyThe bloody prints led the detectives to the killer's hideout.
colorfulThe walls were adorned with vibrant and colorful prints
inchI followed the tiny inch prints in the snow.
colorI love the vibrant colors of these color prints
offThe researcher gave out off prints to the students.
earliestThey searched through all the earliest prints and illustrations.
wetThe wet prints of the dog's paws marked the path to the kitchen.
extantThe museum houses many extant prints that showcase the diversity of printmaking techniques over the centuries.
nauticalShe wore a sundress with light blue and white nautical prints
extraI ordered extra prints of my favorite photos.
inexpensiveWe offer a wide variety of inexpensive prints to choose from.

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