Adjectives for Problem

Adjectives For Problem

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing problem, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a problem can significantly alter the perceived severity and nature of the issue at hand. Whether a problem is major, suggesting a significant obstacle, or merely difficult, implying a challenging but solvable issue, each term paints a unique picture. A serious problem hints at potential consequences, while a real problem anchors us back to undeniable issues that require attention. Identifying a problem as the main or particular one focuses the discussion and helps prioritize solutions. Understanding these nuances not only enriches communication but also sharpens our problem-solving approach. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to describe problems and their distinct implications below.
majorThe major problem was the lack of communication between the team members.
seriousThe lack of rain has caused a serious problem for farmers in the region.
difficultAlthough the students worked on the problem for hours, it was still a difficult problem to solve.
realMaking a real problem out of a small one takes quite a bit of work.
mainHe studied a great deal, but his main problem was that he couldn't remember anything.
particularThe company is trying to find a solution to their particular problem
secondThe second problem was more difficult than the first.
generalThe general problem here is that the data is not consistent.
commonA common problem encountered by many people is figuring out how to solve a difficult problem.
basicThe basic problem is that the computer is not turned on.
onlyThe only problem is that I have to finish my work before I can go out.
wholeThe whole problem with multi-generation ships is that they need to be built in space.
fundamentalThis fundamental problem has plagued scientists for centuries.
centralThe central problem we face is how to improve our efficiency.
bigDealing with a big problem can be very stressful.
specificThe specific problem was that the code was not handling null values properly.
complexSolving the complex problem required hours of careful analysis.
potentialThe potential problem with this approach is that it could lead to a lot of unnecessary work.
biggestThe biggest problem is that the solution is not easy to implement.
significantThe significant problem was causing the project to be delayed.
similarJohn was concerned about the boy and told him that he had a similar problem
practicalThe practical problem is that the cost is too high.
immediateThe immediate problem was the lack of space.
medicalThe patient has a medical problem that requires immediate attention.
greatestThe greatest problem facing humanity is climate change.
interestingI encountered an interesting problem while working on the project.
moralThe moral problem with cheating is that it takes away the opportunity for someone to learn from their mistakes.
technicalThere was a technical problem with the computer.
relatedTo correct the related problem do this...
criticalThe crash was caused by a critical problem with the engine.
linearWe used a linear solver to solve the linear problem
clinicalThe clinical problem was evident in the patient's presentation.
keyThe key problem is that the system is not able to handle the increasing number of users.
severeThe world's growing population poses a severe problem for the planet's resources.
underlyingThat masked an underlying problem in the system.
chiefThe patient's chief problem is abdominal pain.
bodyThe three-body problem is a difficult mathematical problem in orbital mechanics.
unsolvedThe Riemann hypothesis is one of the most famous unsolved problems in mathematics.
mathematicalShe solved a mathematical problem on the blackboard.
complicatedFinding a solution to this complicated problem will be quite challenging.
crucialResolving the crucial problem of poverty is essential for societal progress.
psychologicalThe patient is struggling with a psychological problem that is affecting their daily life.
followingHe solved the following problem with ease.
environmentalThe environmental problem has become more serious in recent years.
philosophicalThe question of whether a tree falling in a forest makes a sound if no one is around to hear it is a famous philosophical problem
acuteThe acute problem required immediate attention.
obviousThe obvious problem here is that there is a misunderstanding about the concept.
dimensionalThe model has encountered a dimensional problem
minorThere was just a minor problem with my server.
urgentWe are facing an urgent problem that requires immediate attention.
theoreticalThe theoretical problem with the model is that it does not account for the effects of friction.
ethicalThe researcher faced an ethical problem when the participant asked to withdraw from the study.
insolubleThe insoluble problem left the researchers baffled.
chronicThe chronic problem of homelessness is a complex one with no easy solutions.
aboveI am struggling with the above problem
perennialThis perennial problem needs to be addressed immediately.

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