Adjectives for Problems

Adjectives For Problems

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing problems, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe problems can dramatically affect the tone and focus of your message. From many problems highlighting abundance or diversity, to social and economic problems underscoring societal and financial dimensions, adjectives bring nuances into the spotlight. Highlighting serious or major problems stresses the urgency or magnitude, while special problems imply uniqueness requiring tailored solutions. Each adjective opens a new layer of understanding and reflection, shaping perceptions and urging specific responses. Explore our extensive list of adjectives to discover the precise word that aligns with the essence of your discourse.
manyThe company is facing many problems
socialSocial problems can be caused by a variety of factors, including poverty, unemployment, and inequality.
seriousDue to a sudden increase in new infections, the city's hospital system is now facing serious problems
majorThe company has been facing major problems in recent months.
economicThe country has been facing profound economic problems since the war.
specialWe must find a way to overcome these special problems
environmentalThe environmental problems are too serious, and we must take action to solve them.
specificSolving specific problems requires specific solutions.
difficultThrough a combination of artificial intelligence and human ingenuity, we will make life easier for everyone in the world by solving the most difficult problems
practicalThe engineer was able to overcome the practical problems that arose during the construction of the bridge.
commonCommon problems with laptops include battery life, keyboard issues, and overheating.
potentialThere are always potential problems when making a decision.
similarMy brother and I regularly encounter similar problems
complexSolving complex problems requires creative thinking and a multifaceted approach.
technicalWe are experiencing technical problems with our system right now.
personalShe called in sick to work due to personal problems
financialI am facing financial problems
realI'm not sure what you mean by 'real problems'.
medicalThe old man has many medical problems
emotionalHe had several emotional problems that made it difficult for him to function in a normal social environment.
relatedThe conference was successful despite some related problems
severeThis new car has severe problems
currentWe are facing numerous current problems that need to be addressed immediately.
psychologicalHe has been struggling with psychological problems since his childhood.
basicWe need to address some basic problems
fundamentalThe researcher faces fundamental problems in separating these variables.
significantOur customer service team is experiencing significant problems at the moment.
legalHe had several legal problems last year.
methodologicalThe research was hindered by methodological problems
internalThe company is facing multiple internal problems
behavioralThe child was struggling with behavioral problems in the classroom.
ethicalThe use of artificial intelligence raises ethical problems that need to be addressed.
numerousThe numerous problems with the project became apparent during the testing phase.
immediateWe need to focus on our immediate problems
educationalEducational problems are a serious concern for many families.
domesticThe couple was having domestic problems
structuralThe old building had some structural problems that needed to be addressed.
theoreticalThere are still some theoretical problems to be overcome.
administrativeThe company faced several administrative problems due to its rapid growth.
philosophicalA vague but complex cognitive phenomenon has to do with philosophical problems
urbanThe city is facing a number of urban problems including poverty, crime, and pollution.
followingWe are experiencing some technical difficulties with the following problems
unsolvedThe universe is filled with unsolved problems
maritalThe couple is experiencing marital problems
contemporaryContemporary problems require innovative solutions.
chronicJack is having chronic problems with his teeth.
fewerI'll have fewer problems if I plan ahead.
minorThe car had minor problems but it was still drivable.
interestingThe talk was full of interesting problems
complicatedThe complicated problems of the world require innovative solutions.
mathematicalThe student found the mathematical problems challenging.
psychiatricI have been experiencing some psychiatric problems lately.
organizationalThe company's organizational problems led to a decline in productivity.
globalGlobal problems require global solutions.
termMy computer is having term problems again.
urgentThere are urgent problems to be solved.
uniqueEvery industry has its own unique problems
acuteThe hospital is dealing with a number of acute problems
conceptualThe conceptual problems with the project led to its failure.
mechanicalThe car had to be towed due to mechanical problems

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