Adjectives for Procedure

Adjectives For Procedure

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing procedure, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a procedure can significantly impact the perception of the action or process. A surgical procedure implies precision and expertise, while a simple procedure suggests ease and minimal complexity. The term standard procedure invokes a sense of routine and normalcy, contrasting with general procedure, which might be seen as less specific. Using usual or same procedure may convey a lack of variation or innovation. Each adjective brings its own nuanced understanding to the term, highlighting the importance of selection based on context. For a comprehensive guide on how to effectively pair adjectives with 'procedure,' explore our full list below.
sameI will follow the same procedure as before
surgicalThe patient underwent a surgical procedure to remove a tumor from their abdomen.
standardThe standard procedure is to follow the instructions carefully.
generalPlease follow the general procedure outlined in the user manual.
usualThe usual procedure is to first call the receptionist.
followingPlease follow the following procedure to complete the process.
experimentalThe experimental procedure was conducted in accordance with the approved protocol.
similarThe similar procedure was followed by the researchers in this study.
wholeThe whole procedure will take about an hour.
operativeThe operative procedure was performed without complications.
criminalThe criminal procedure was followed carefully to ensure a fair trial.
legalThe legal procedure was lengthy and complicated.
abovePlease refer to the above procedure for further instructions.
normalWe'll just follow our normal procedure with this data.
entireI followed the entire procedure with great care.
stepFollow each step procedure in the manual to assemble the product correctly.
diagnosticThis diagnostic procedure could take up to three hours.
properThe proper procedure requires careful attention to detail.
routineThe routine procedure was completed successfully.
parliamentaryThe meeting was adjourned due to a lack of quorum, in accordance with parliamentary procedure
iterativeThis iterative procedure is designed to optimize the solution.
formalThe admission committee will follow a formal procedure in reviewing applications.
judicialThe lawyer reviewed all of the judicial procedures involved with his case.
civilCivil procedure is the body of law that governs the process by which civil disputes are resolved in court.
correctFollow the correct procedure to ensure accuracy.
basicFollowing the basic procedure the crew was able to land the aircraft safely.
alternativeThe hospital followed the alternative procedure for their treatment.
latterThe latter procedure has proven to be especially effective.
analyticalThe analytical procedure involves assessing the plausibility and reasonableness of financial information.
statisticalThe statistical procedure revealed a significant difference between the two groups.
medicalThe doctor has scheduled a medical procedure for tomorrow morning.
administrativeThe administrative procedure was lengthy and bureaucratic.
systematicThe systematic procedure was followed to ensure accuracy.
scientificThe precise scientific procedure ensured the validity of the results.
effectiveThe effective procedure improved the quality of the products.
appropriatePlease follow the appropriate procedure for this task.
stageThe stage procedure went smoothly and without any complications.
safeThe safe procedure was followed carefully to ensure the patient's well-being.
initialThe initial procedure was successful in removing the tumor.
regularThe regular procedure was followed to ensure the accuracy of the results.
complicatedThe complicated procedure required specialized equipment and training.
typicalThis is a typical procedure for new hires.
complexThe complex procedure required specialized equipment and expert supervision.
usefulThe useful procedure was completed successfully.
numericalThe numerical procedure was successful in solving the problem.
modifiedThe modified procedure was completed successfully.
detailedFollowing detailed procedure was carried out as a part of supply chain management.
computationalComplex computational procedure facilitates accurate predictions.
therapeuticThe therapeutic procedure was successful in alleviating the patient's pain.
democraticThe democratic procedure was followed during the election.
difficultPerforming this difficult procedure requires a high level of expertise.
legislativeThe legislative procedure for this bill was complex and time-consuming.
efficientThe efficient procedure saved us a lot of time and resources.
fittingThe data fitting procedure was carried out using a linear regression model.
exactWe must follow the exact procedure to achieve the desired result.
logicalThe logical procedure was followed to ensure accuracy in the analysis.
orderlyThe orderly procedure of the meeting ensured that all items were addressed fairly and efficiently.
simplestThe simplest procedure is to use the built-in function min().
customaryThe customary procedure for the meeting is to begin with a moment of silence.
conventionalThe company insists on adhering to conventional procedure
elaborateThe elaborate procedure required careful planning and execution.
satisfactoryThe satisfactory procedure was successfully completed.
standardizedThe standardized procedure for data collection was followed meticulously.
mathematicalThe mathematical procedure was challenging but rewarding.
recursiveThe recursive procedure is one that calls itself during its execution.
outpatientThe outpatient procedure was successful and the patient was discharged the same day.
simplerThe simpler procedure may also be more effective.
randomThe medical team decided to use a random procedure to determine the treatment.

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