Adjectives for Procedures

Adjectives For Procedures

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing procedures, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'procedures' can significantly alter the nuances of a sentence, affecting both its clarity and impact. For instance, 'surgical procedures' emphasize the medical and interventionist nature, often linked to health and recovery. 'Standard procedures' suggest a certain universality and conformity, indicating actions that are regularly and widely accepted. 'Diagnostic procedures' highlight the investigative aspect, focusing on the identification of problems. Meanwhile, 'various procedures' introduce diversity, and 'statistical procedures' point to quantitative analysis methods. Using 'specific' delineates precision and particularity. Each adjective tailors the noun to fit different contexts and purposes. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'procedures' to grasp their subtleties and enhance your writing.
surgicalThe surgeon performed a series of delicate surgical procedures
standardThis is a sentence with standard procedures
diagnosticDiagnostic procedures are used to identify and differentiate diseases or conditions.
variousOur team is accountable for various procedures and policies.
statisticalStatistical procedures allow researchers to analyze data and draw conclusions about a population.
specificAll specific procedures must be followed in order to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment.
administrativeThe administrative procedures were followed carefully to ensure the accuracy of the results.
experimentalThe experimental procedures are detailed in the supplementary information.
medicalThe patient underwent several medical procedures during their stay in the hospital.
certainIt is important to follow certain procedures when working with hazardous materials.
operativeOperative procedures were performed on the patient to repair the damage.
specialWe need to follow special procedures in this situation.
formalWe had to follow formal procedures to get the job done.
invasiveI think we should hold off on invasive procedures for now.
legalThe legal procedures were followed meticulously to ensure a fair trial.
analyticalAnalytical procedures are used to assess the reasonableness of financial information by evaluating relevant relationships and trends.
followingWe must follow the following procedures to ensure safety.
properWe must adhere to proper procedures to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.
appropriateIt is imperative to strictly adhere to the appropriate procedures laid out in the user manual to ensure optimal performance.
democraticThe club's democratic procedures ensured that all members had a say in the decision-making process.
basicThe nurse followed the basic procedures to administer the medication.
routineWe can improve care delivery and patient outcomes by using routine procedures
normalThe university administration sometimes makes decisions without following normal procedures
alternativeAlternative procedures must be performed with primary approval from Dr. Jonathan.
simpleMaking cakes with simple procedures is fun.
dentalI need to schedule dental procedures for next week.
operationalIn order to ensure efficient operations, it is imperative to adhere to established operational procedures
complexThe medical team performed complex procedures to save the patient's life.
therapeuticThe doctor used various therapeutic procedures to help the patient recover.
effectiveEffective procedures are crucial for efficient and successful operations.
detailedThe detailed procedures for the experiment are outlined in the manual.
traditionalWe have to follow all the traditional procedures in this case.
additionalThe additional procedures were completed without any complications.
internalWe have set up internal procedures to ensure the quality of our products.
technicalThis document includes several technical procedures for your convenience.
clinicalShe developed clinical procedures such as the Apgar score, to facilitate this.
conventionalOur company uses certain conventional procedures in order to meet safety regulations.
makingThe nurse is making procedures for the doctor.
usualWe forgot to follow the usual procedures
standardizedWe strictly adhere to standardized procedures to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
bureaucraticThe bureaucratic procedures delayed the project significantly.
multipleThe patient underwent multiple procedures to treat their condition.
correctFollow the correct procedures when handling sensitive data.
complicatedThe organization has complicated procedures for hiring new employees.
scientificThe results of the scientific procedures were analyzed and interpreted.
systematicThe company uses systematic procedures to ensure the quality of its products.
disciplinaryThe company has initiated disciplinary procedures against the employee for misconduct.
aboveCan you please redo the above procedures?
instructionalStudents were provided with instructional procedures to facilitate their understanding of the concepts.
necessaryThe necessary procedures were followed carefully.
elaborateThe elaborate procedures of the experiment required meticulous attention to detail.
minorThe hospital offers a variety of minor procedures such as mole removal and wart removal.
judicialThe court followed strict judicial procedures during the trial.
painfulI was subjected to painful procedures during my time in captivity.
analyticThe auditor performed analytic procedures to compare the company's financial ratios to industry averages.
computationalThe research team used computational procedures to analyze the data
reconstructiveSpecialized medical facilities employ trained professionals to perform reconstructive procedures
extensiveThe specialists performed extensive procedures to repair the damage after the natural disaster.
efficientThe company has implemented efficient procedures to streamline its operations.
mathematicalStudents followed mathematical procedures to solve the problem.
interventionalUsing a combination of interventional procedures and medications, the team quickly stabilized the patient's condition.
informalThe company has implemented informal procedures to ensure the smooth running of its operations.
numericalNumerical procedures are mathematical methods that use numbers to solve problems.
sophisticatedWe implemented sophisticated procedures to ensure data integrity.
stepProvide step procedures to install the program.
adequateWe have adequate procedures in place to ensure the safety of our employees.
neurosurgicalComplex neurosurgical procedures demand precise tool guidance during minimally invasive surgery.
behavioralBehavioral procedures can be used to change a person's behavior.
oralThe dentist performed several oral procedures on the patient.
electiveElective procedures are optional, while essential procedures are necessary for the patient's health and well-being.
parliamentaryThe meeting was conducted in accordance with the established parliamentary procedures
strictThe process involved strict procedures and a great deal of patience.
constitutionalThe court found that the constitutional procedures had not been followed in the arrest of the suspect.

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