Adjectives for Process

Adjectives For Process

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing process, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a process can significantly alter its perceived meaning and highlight various aspects, whether it's the duration (long), the completeness (entire, whole), the nature (political, making), or the legality (due). Each adjective weaves a unique narrative, emphasizing the intricacies and depths of processes that govern our lives, societies, and internal workings. The way we talk about a process can shape our understanding and the importance we assign to it. Discover how different adjectives unravel the layers of meaning behind the word process and expand your insights into this versatile noun.
wholeThe whole process took less than an hour.
makingThe making process of this product is very complicated.
dueThe suspect received due process of law and was given a fair trial.
politicalThe political process was long and tiring, but ultimately successful.
entireThe entire process was very smooth and efficient.
longThe long process of getting a driver's license took several months.
slowThe slow process was finally complete.
complexThe complex process required multiple steps to complete.
creativeThe creative process is a journey of exploration and discovery.
continuousThe continuous process of evolution has led to the diversity of life on Earth.
naturalThe natural process of decay will eventually break down the organic matter.
evolutionaryNatural selection is a key component of the evolutionary process
historicalThe historical process of urbanization has led to the growth of cities and the decline of rural areas.
educationalThis interactive educational process helps students to learn more effectively.
democraticThe democratic process can be a slow and arduous one, but it is the foundation of our government.
inflammatoryThe inflammatory process was triggered by an infection.
ongoingThe ongoing process of renovation has been going on for months.
simpleThe simple process was easy to follow.
similarThe growth of both companies occurred through a similar process of mergers and acquisitions.
actualUpon hearing the intrusive noises, the boy's knee-jerk reaction was to begin investigating the actual process
dynamicThe evolution of technology is a dynamic process that is constantly changing the world.
legalWe are working with the legal process to resolve this issue.
stepHe followed the step-by-step process to assemble the bike.
normalThis is a normal process that can be completed in a few hours.
gradualThe gradual process of learning a new language requires patience and dedication.
legislativeThe legislative process encompasses all the procedures involved in the making and changing of laws.
mentalThe mental process involved in decision-making can be complex.
overallThe overall process took about three hours.
developmentalThe developmental process of an individual is shaped by a complex interplay between genetic and environmental factors.
judicialThe judicial process in this country is designed to be fair and impartial.
activeThe active process of photosynthesis provides energy for the plant.
electoralThe electoral process in our country is very important.
therapeuticThe therapeutic process involves working with a therapist to explore and resolve emotional issues.
randomThe random process generated a sequence of independent and identically distributed random variables.
iterativeThe iterative process helped us to improve the accuracy of our results.
complicatedThe complicated process of gene editing requires precise cuts in the DNA sequence.
spinousThe spinous process is a bony projection from the posterior aspect of the vertebra.
difficultThe difficult process took a lot of time and effort.
formalThe formal process for applying to the program is outlined in the application guidelines.
stochasticThe stochastic process is modeled by a Wiener process.
lengthyThe lengthy process of obtaining a visa was finally complete.
mechanicalThe mechanical process involved several steps and required specialized equipment.
cognitiveThe cognitive process of learning involves the acquisition of knowledge and skills.
stageThe stage process involved planning, coordinating, and executing the event.
latterThe latter process is more complex and time-consuming.
alveolarThe alveolar process is the bony ridge that protrudes from the maxilla and mandible.
reverseThe reverse process involves breaking down larger pieces of information.
productiveThe efficient and productive process resulted in a significant increase in output.
solvingThe solving process was an iterative one that required multiple revisions.
coronoidThe coronoid process is a hook-like structure located on the anterior surface of the mandible
psychologicalThe psychological process of decision-making is complex and involves many different factors.
administrativeThe administrative process is the series of steps that an agency takes to make a decision.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary process was a long and arduous one.
painfulThe painful process of the surgery was unbearable.
strategicThe organization's strategic process involved analyzing market trends, identifying key stakeholders, and developing a comprehensive plan.
regulatoryThe company has completed the regulatory process for its new drug.
criminalThe criminal process is the legal process by which a person is accused and tried for a crime.
biologicalThe creation of DNA is a biological process that occurs naturally.
interactiveOur interactive process enabled seamless collaboration and real-time feedback.
diagnosticWe used the diagnostic process to identify the cause of the patient's symptoms.
pathologicalThe pathological process of diabetes involves the pancreas's inability to produce insulin.
reversibleThe chemical reaction is a reversible process
coracoidThe coracoid process is located on the upper part of the scapula.
tedious"Preparing for marathon is a tedious process".
underlyingThe underlying process is still under investigation.
dialecticalThe dialectical process of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis is a fundamental aspect of human thought and development.
competitiveThe company used a competitive process to select the best candidates for the job.
logicalThe logical process proved the hypothesis to be true.
selectiveThe selective process was rigorous, but it was the only way to ensure that we found the best candidates.
rationalThe rational process of decision-making involves weighing the pros and cons of different options.
infectiousThe infectious process was caused by a virus.
physiologicalThe physiological process of digestion breaks down food into nutrients.

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