Adjectives for Processes

Adjectives For Processes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing processes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the adjectives associated with 'processes' unveils the multidimensional nature of actions and phenomena. Descriptors like 'mental' or 'cognitive' highlight the inward, intellectual aspects that drive our thoughts and decision-making capabilities. On the other hand, 'social' processes reveal the interactions and norms governing society, emphasizing the collective over the individual. 'Various' underscores the diversity and complexity within processes, while 'natural' and 'physical' ground us in the biological and tangible elements of the world around us. Each adjective adds a layer of meaning, coloring our comprehension of processes in rich, nuanced ways. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that breathe life into 'processes' and enrich our understanding below.
mentalAfter outlining his plan, he used mental processes to predict the outcome.
cognitiveCognitive processes are mental operations that allow us to acquire knowledge and understanding.
socialSocial processes are complex interactions between individuals and their environments.
variousWe utilized various processes to complete this task efficiently.
naturalThe natural processes of the ecosystem are essential for maintaining its balance.
physicalThe physical processes of the climate system are complex and interconnected.
biologicalThe complex biological processes that occur within a living organism are essential for survival.
psychologicalCertain psychological processes such as perception, attention, memory, and thought, are essential for human functioning.
making3D printing is revolutionizing many industries by making processes more efficient and affordable.
physiologicalThe physiological processes of the body are controlled by the endocrine system.
complexEach of the complex processes of development that can lead to cancer is controlled by a distinct set of regulatory genes.
basicWe must learn the basic processes of our new cooking equipment.
internalThe individual's internal processes greatly influenced their decision-making.
developmentalThe developmental processes involved in aging are complex and multifaceted.
democraticThe nation's democratic processes have been called into question.
fundamentalThe fundamental processes of life are essential for our survival.
unconsciousThe unconscious processes of the mind are often responsible for our thoughts and actions.
dynamicThese dynamic processes are crucial for the stability of the ecosystem.
historicalThe book analyses major historical processes that shaped the twentieth century.
stochasticStochastic processes model uncertainty and are ubiquitous in machine learning and data analysis.
evolutionaryOver many generations, evolutionary processes have shaped the species.
vitalEnsuring the vital processes of the body requires a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients.
mechanicalThe assembly line uses mechanical processes to automate the manufacturing of goods.
intellectualIntellectual processes are the building blocks of higher-level cognition.
organizationalThe company's organizational processes were designed to increase efficiency and productivity.
pathologicalThe study is based on examination of samples of tissue post-mortem and is therefore subject to the pathological processes such as autolysis and putrefaction in cadavers.
biochemicalBiochemical processes are essential for the functioning of living organisms.
perceptualPerceptual processes help us perceive and make sense of the world around us
technicalTo optimize technical processes our team implemented innovative solutions.
ecologicalEcological processes are essential for the functioning of healthy ecosystems.
consciousThe conscious processes that we engage in are often shaped by our past experiences and expectations.
multipleThe system is undergoing multiple processes simultaneously.
continuousThe continuous processes of business include research, development, production, and marketing.
distinctThe company has distinct processes for handling customer inquiries, complaints and orders.
likeThe computer can perform like processes at the same time.
randomThe research team analyzed the behaviour of the random processes observed in the data.
relatedThe implementation strategy depends on the related processes
keyThe key processes were identified and documented.
creativeThe creative processes of the mind are often mysterious and difficult to understand.
cellularCellular processes are highly complex and regulated.
irreversibleThe irreversible processes of globalization and technological advancements have had profound impacts on our world.
causalCausal processes are the relationships between events that lead to their occurrence.
productiveAdvancing technologies have optimized productive processes resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs.
logicalThe software makes logical processes easier to complete.
regulatoryThe company is subject to various regulatory processes and requirements.
slowThe slow processes caused delays and inconvenience.
technologicalThe company's technological processes were cutting-edge and efficient.
pathologicPathologic processes can be caused by a variety of factors.
digestiveThe digestive processes in the body are essential for breaking down food and absorbing nutrients.
elementaryElementary processes are the basic constituent events of a chemical reaction.
psychicThe psychic processes of the human mind are still largely a mystery.
ongoingThere are multiple ongoing processes within the organization.
organicThe natural organic processes created the island and its lush environment.
parallelThe computer was able to handle the parallel processes efficiently.
automaticAutomatic processes occur without conscious thought.
complicatedThe complicated processes involved in the operation require extensive training.
sensoryThe sensory processes are responsible for our perception of the world.
globalGlobal processes are shaping the future of our planet.
administrativeWe need to improve the administrative processes in our organization to increase efficiency.
cytoplasmicThe cell has abundant cytoplasmic processes which are extensions of the cell membrane that reach out into the surrounding environment.

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