Adjectives for Processing

Adjectives For Processing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing processing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'processing' can dramatically alter the perception of your sentence, highlighting different aspects of the process being discussed. 'Further processing' implies an ongoing or additional level of work, while 'parallel processing' brings to mind simultaneous operations, increasing efficiency. Dive into the realm of the mind with 'cognitive processing,' which focuses on how we think and understand. 'Visual processing,' on the other hand, directs attention to how visual information is interpreted. The terms 'signal processing' and 'digital processing' throw us into the technical domain, dealing with the analysis and manipulation of signals and digital data, respectively. Each adjective opens a new dimension of understanding, setting the context for intricate nuances. Discover the full palette of adjectives enriching the noun 'processing' below.
furtherThe data was cleaned and prepared for further processing
parallelParallel processing allows multiple tasks to be executed concurrently, improving overall efficiency.
cognitiveCognitive processing involves manipulating information in memory for problem-solving, decision-making, and language comprehension.
visualThe patient's visual processing was assessed using a variety of tests.
signalSignal processing enhances communication and information systems by manipulating and analyzing signals.
digitalThe digital processing of images has revolutionized the field of photography.
automaticThe automatic processing of information is essential in many tasks
electronicThe company streamlined its operations by implementing electronic processing for all invoices.
humanThe cognitive process associated with human processing involves a series of steps.
subsequentAfter subsequent processing the data was stored in the database.
naturalNatural processing is related to extracting meaning from raw data.
semanticSemantic processing is the process of understanding the meaning of words, sentences, and paragraphs.
sensoryThe occupational therapist helped the child develop sensory processing skills to improve their ability to interact with their environment.
centralThe central processing unit of the computer is responsible for executing instructions.
wordI used the word processing program to create a document.
additionalThe additional processing of the data allowed for more accurate results.
auditoryThe child's auditory processing abilities were assessed using a variety of tasks.
sequentialThe computer uses sequential processing to execute the instructions one after the other.
distributedThe distributed processing system was designed to handle large volumes of data.
prePre processing is the initial step of data mining.
efficientThe software's efficient processing capabilities handled the large dataset in a timely manner.
perceptualPerceptual processing plays a vital role in our comprehension of the world around us.
postThe team's performance was enhanced after implementing new image post processing
phonologicalThe boy's phonological processing skills were excellent.
opticalThe advancement of optical processing has revolutionised the way we communicate and store information.
complexThe complex processing of the data was essential for obtaining accurate results.
mentalThe complex mental processing required by the task proved to be too demanding for the participants.
emotionalEngaging in emotional processing can lead to a deeper understanding of your emotions and their triggers.
thermalThermal processing is a food preservation method that involves the application of heat to food.
controlledHe calculated the answer to the arithmetic problem through controlled processing
industrialThe industrial processing of materials causes pollution.
rapidThe computer's rapid processing enabled it to complete the complex task in a fraction of the time.
proteolyticProteolytic processing a type of post-translational modification, involves enzymatic cleavage of specific peptide bonds by proteases.
basedThe decision was based processing on the available data.
initialThe initial processing step is crucial for the accuracy of the subsequent analysis.
spatialThe brain's spatial processing abilities play a role in cognitive functions like navigation and memory.
syntacticThe syntactic processing of the sentence was straightforward.
internalThe internal processing of the computer was very slow.
continuousThis continuous processing method ensures a steady output of high-quality products.
onlineThe company's online processing system is designed to handle large volumes of transactions quickly and efficiently.
neuralThe neural processing of this information is complex.
levelThe sound levels can be adjusted during the level processing stage.
simultaneousSimultaneous processing involves doing multiple tasks concurrently.
linguisticThe linguistic processing of the text was completed successfully.
lexicalLexical processing clarifies the relationship between the semantics of a word and its context.
consciousThe conscious processing of information can be slow and deliberate.
automatedThe automated processing system efficiently handled the large volume of data.
commercialThe company operates its own commercial processing plant.
statisticalThe statistical processing revealed significant differences between the two groups.
downstreamDownstream processing is a crucial step in the production of biologics, involving a series of purification and formulation processes.
extensiveThe extensive processing of the data set resulted in the identification of several key trends.
conventionalThe conventional processing of the data took several hours.
serialThe computer completed the tasks using serial processing
interactiveThe interactive processing system allowed users to engage with the data in real-time.
symbolicSymbolic processing is the manipulation of symbols that represent other concepts.
manualThis document requires manual processing before it can be published.
corticalThe visual information was processed in early cortical processing areas.
agriculturalThe company is involved in agricultural processing and distribution.
mechanicalMechanical processing is a process that uses machines to shape or form materials.
analyticalThe company uses advanced analytical processing to make informed decisions.
concurrentThe system is designed to handle concurrent processing allowing multiple tasks to be executed simultaneously.
routineThe routine processing of data in a database can be automated.
adaptiveThe AI's adaptive processing capabilities enabled it to quickly adjust to the changing environment.
selectiveOur minds use selective processing to focus on certain stimuli while ignoring others.
posttranslationalPosttranslational processing often involves the covalent modification of polypeptide chains, such as phosphorylation, glycosylation, or acetylation.
scaleThe scale processing plant is located near the river.
unconsciousWhen we think of cognition, we often think of conscious processing, but there is also a wealth of unconscious processing that happens in the brain.
sophisticatedThe sophisticated processing algorithm analyzed the complex data efficiently.
verbalThe verbal processing speed of the participants was measured using a standardized test.
dataThe data processing team is working on a new project.
centralizedThe company utilized centralized processing to streamline its operations and enhance efficiency.
asepticWe use aseptic processing to ensure the sterility of our products.
fasterThe program ran with faster processing after the upgrade.

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