Adjectives for Product

Adjectives For Product

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing product, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating through the vast array of products available today, understanding the impact of certain adjectives can vastly alter perception. Descriptors such as gross, new, final, national, finished, and domestic not only specify the stage, origin, or state of a product but also shape consumer expectation and value. A new product sparks excitement for innovation, whereas a gross product might refer to total revenue generated, illustrating the multifaceted nature of adjective use. Each adjective, when paired with 'product,' unveils a unique narrative, inviting a deeper exploration beyond the surface. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the nuanced stories they tell about products below.
grossThe gross product of the country has increased significantly in the last decade.
newThe company introduced their new product to rave reviews.
finalThe final product was a polished and professional piece of work.
nationalThe national product is the total value of all goods and services produced in a country in a given year.
finishedThe finished product was a work of art.
domesticThe country's domestic product has grown rapidly in recent years.
marginalThe marginal product of labor is the additional output produced by one more unit of labor employed, holding all other inputs constant.
particularWe are offering a 20% discount on all particular products.
naturalThe natural product was isolated from the plant and purified by chromatography.
totalThe total product of the company increased by 15% last year.
netThe net product was fairly priced during the Christmas sale.
singleThis single product is very popular.
commercialThe commercial product had a high demand in the market.
endThe end product of the process is a finished product.
specificThe specific product was designed to meet the needs of the customer.
innerThe inner product of two vectors is a scalar quantity that measures the similarity between them.
directThe point group of a square is the direct product of two cyclic groups of order 2.
primaryThe factory's primary product was steel.
averageThe average product of the company has been increasing steadily over the last few quarters.
intermediate"Ethanol is an intermediate product when making wine."
jointThis cheese factory produces cheese and whey as joint products.
agriculturalThe farmer sold his agricultural products at the market.
principalThe company's principal product is a software application.
chiefThe chief product of the company is computer software.
typicalThis is a typical product of the region.
cartesianThe cartesian product of two sets is the set of all ordered pairs whose first element is from the first set and whose second element is from the second set.
valuableThe valuable product was sold out quickly.
annualThe company's annual product sales exceeded expectations.
manufacturedThe manufactured product was of poor quality.
crudeThe factory primarily produces a crude product that still needs to be refined.
pureThe pure product is free of harmful chemicals.
inevitableThe rise in popularity was an inevitable product of the band's catchy melodies and energetic live performances.
ultimateThe ultimate product of evolution is the human brain.
defectiveThe customer returned the defective product to the store for a refund.
partialBy applying the partial product technique the equation y^3 - z^3 can be broken into factors.
superiorThe superior product left the competition in the dust.
qualityThe company is committed to providing a quality product to its customers.
rawThe raw product is processed before it is sold to customers.
usefulThis useful product will make your life easier and more enjoyable.
bandwidthThe bandwidth product is the product of the bandwidth and the corresponding wavelength.
solidThe solid product of the two companies has led to a successful partnership.
liquidThis liquid product is essential for cleaning the floors.
stableThe company released a stable product
artificialThe artificial product is a synthetic substance.
crossThe cross product of two vectors is a vector that is perpendicular to both of the original vectors.
syntheticThe company is focusing on developing synthetic products.
multiThe company offers a multi product range of home appliances.
homogeneousSince their purchases are for a homogeneous product I truly believe they will come back.
uniformThe uniform product code is a unique identifier for a product.
marketable"We are excited to announce the launch of our latest marketable product which is designed to meet the needs of our customers in today's dynamic market."
logicalThe logical product of the propositions p and q is true if both p and q are true, and it is false otherwise.

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