Adjectives for Profile

Adjectives For Profile

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing profile, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a profile can significantly alter its perception. A low profile conveys modesty or a desire to avoid attention, while a high profile suggests prominence or high visibility. Describing a profile as typical implies commonality, yet the word vertical can highlight industry-specific insights. Moreover, adjectives like demographic and psychological point to the analysis of data and mental characteristics, shaping our understanding of the profile's depth and focus. Each adjective brings its unique shade of meaning, enriching the narrative. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives for 'profile' and their nuanced contributions below.
lowThe team kept a low profile throughout the tournament.
typicalThe typical profile of a successful entrepreneur includes a strong work ethic and a passion for problem-solving.
verticalThe vertical profile of the mountain was jagged.
demographicThe company's marketing team analyzed the demographic profile of their target audience.
psychologicalThe FBI analyzed the suspect's psychological profile to determine his motives.
higherThe company's recent acquisition has given it a higher profile in the industry.
lowerThe company adopted a lower profile after the scandal.
clinicalThe clinical profile of the patient is unremarkable.
similarThe two candidates have a similar profile in terms of experience and qualifications.
currentThe current profile does not have access to the requested resource.
longitudinalResearchers assessed the longitudinal profile and the results demonstrated an improvement in symptoms after treatment.
overallThe overall profile of the user was very positive.
parabolic"The parabolic profile of the bridge is designed to support the weight of the traffic."
initialThe recruiter reviewed the initial profile of the candidate.
meanThe mean profile is a graphical representation of the average values for a set of data points.
potentialThe platform quantifies the growth of your potential profile
flatThe patient's flat profile may indicate a deficiency in vitamin D.
gaussianThe intensity distribution of the laser beam can be approximated by a gaussian profile
biophysicalI am fascinated by the biophysical profile of this patient.
facialHer facial profile was elegant, with a straight nose and a strong jawline.
seismicThe seismic profile of the subsurface revealed several layers of rock.
characteristicThe characteristic profile of the patient included a history of hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia.
uniqueSome businesses set up a unique profile with visuals and other contents.
temporalThe temporal profile of the signal was analyzed using a moving average filter.
pharmacokineticThe pharmacokinetic profile includes the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of a drug.
shapedThe shaped profile of the building was designed to minimize wind resistance.
averageHer average profile made her a perfect candidate for the job.
statisticalThis statistical profile provides valuable insights into the demographic characteristics of our customer base.
detailedHer detailed profile attracted many recruiters from companies.
favorableThe company had a favorable profile in the market.
uniformThe tall trees formed a uniform profile against the skyline.
linearThe linear profile of the surface suggests that it has been subjected to erosion.
radialRadial profiles of the velocity, temperature, and electron number density of the He II plasma were observed at the center of the positive column of a He plasma generated by a dc discharge at a pressure of 0.8 Torr.
lateralThe lateral profile of the face is characterized by a prominent forehead.
refractiveThe refractive profile of the lens varied significantly with age in the study group.
distinctiveThe peaks of the mountains stood out against the horizon, creating a distinctive profile
idealThis candidate fits the ideal profile for the position.
timeThis data visualization provides the frequency and time profile over a specified interval.
measuredThe measured profile of the riverbed was used to design the bridge piers.
sharpHer sharp profile was highlighted by the sunlight streaming through the window.
occupationalShe had an occupational profile in the field of retail.
spatialThe spatial profile of the beam was measured using a knife-edge scan.
operationalThe operational profile of the missile system is extremely high.
briefThe author of this academic work has written a brief profile of the history of mathematics.
geneticThe researchers compared the genetic profile of the patient to a database of known mutations.
straightShe has a straight profile
concaveThe concave profile of the blade allowed for a more precise cut.
dorsalThe dorsal profile of the bird is sleek.
accurateThe company created an accurate profile to describe their target audience.
biochemicalThe biochemical profile revealed elevated levels of liver enzymes.
compositeThe composite profile of the database includes all the attributes of the base profiles.
likeHe swiped left on her like profile
smoothThe spaceship's sleek hull gave it a smooth profile as it sliced through the atmosphere.
distinctThe company's distinct profile was immediately apparent to the investor.
developmentalWe can get an accurate developmental profile by using a variety of assessment tools.
correspondingI need to find the corresponding profile
patientPlease share the patient profile with me.
cognitiveThe cognitive profile of the patient revealed significant deficits in attention and memory.
axialThe angiographic findings in chronic total occlusion patients who have undergone successful PCI reveal that the proximal and distal axial profiles show a typical increase in the luminal area and maximal cross-sectional area after PCI in the target vessels.

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