Adjectives for Profit

Adjectives For Profit

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing profit, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of finance, the term profit often comes adorned with various adjectives that inject specificity and clarity. Adjectives like net and gross dissect the raw figures to reveal the underlying health of a business. Own and private profit, on the other hand, delve into ownership and distribution nuances, offering insights into who benefits. Meanwhile, descriptors like total and more hint at the scale or comparative achievements. Each adjective partnered with profit opens up a new dimension of financial analysis, guiding stakeholders through the labyrinth of economic success. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives linked to profit and the nuanced meanings they convey below.
netThe company's net profit increased by 10% in the last quarter.
grossThe company's gross profit margin was 30% last year.
ownHe made the decision for his own profit
totalThe total profit for the quarter was a record high.
moreThe company is expecting a more profit on their next quarter.
privateThe private profit motive can sometimes lead to negative externalities.
littleMany small businesses were forced to close due to little profit during the pandemic.
muchThe company made much profit last year.
smallHe made a small profit on the sale of his car.
economicThe firm's economic profit is equal to its total revenue minus its total costs, including both explicit and implicit costs.
personalThe company's focus on personal profit over customer satisfaction has led to a decline in sales.
handsomeThe company enjoyed a handsome profit from its recent venture.
averageThe average profit for that company was 10%.
greaterThe company aims to achieve greater profit through cost optimization and increased revenue.
reasonableThe company aims to make a reasonable profit to ensure its long-term stability.
annualThe company's annual profit was $10 million.
considerableThe company's investments yielded considerable profit
clearThe clear profit from the sale of the land was $100,000.
fairThe company made a fair profit this quarter despite the recession.
expectedThe company expects to make a significant expected profit this quarter.
normalThe company's annual revenue exceeded normal profit by $1 million.
greatestThe business strategy resulted in the greatest profit in the company's history.
substantialThe company saw a substantial profit in the last financial year.
immediateThe company aims to increase its immediate profit by expanding into new markets.
extraThe company reported extra profit of $10 million in the last quarter.
quickThe company promised quick profit to all investors.
financialThe company's financial profit increased significantly over the last quarter.
lessThe company reported less profit this quarter due to increased expenses.
additionalThe company made an additional profit of $1 million this quarter.
pecuniaryMy objective is not pecuniary profit but to provide free education to students.
potentialA well-thought-out marketing campaign has the potential profit to yield significant returns.
pureThis investment is pure profit
possibleThe possible profit of the company is expected to be around $10 million.
taxThe tax profit of the company was $1 million last year.
commercialThe company's commercial profit increased by 15% in the last quarter.
actualThe company's actual profit fell below what was predicted.
largerThe company expects a larger profit this quarter.
enormousThe company made an enormous profit last year.
niceOur company made a nice profit this year.
highestThe company's sales have been at their highest profit in years.
termOur 'term profit' is satisfactory for the first half of this year.
enoughThe company made enough profit to expand its operations.
hugeThe company made a huge profit last year.
marginalThe marginal profit for each additional unit sold is $10.
tidyThe company posted a tidy profit in the fourth quarter.
taxableThe company's taxable profit was $10 million last year.
excessThe company has made excess profit due to the increased demand for its products.
sufficientThe company made sufficient profit in the last quarter to invest in new equipment.
modestThe modicum of funds equaled a modest profit in the trailing quarter.
corporateThe company's corporate profit increased by 10% last year.
largestThe largest profit was made in the third quarter of the year.
overallThe company achieved an overall profit of 10% for the quarter.
mutualThe alliance between the two companies was based on mutual profit
satisfactoryThe company earned a satisfactory profit last year.
immenseTheir venture into the emerging market yielded immense profit
yearlyThe yearly profit of the company was $100,000.
monetaryThe company's monetary profit increased by 15% last quarter.
healthyThe company reported a healthy profit in the last quarter.
moderateThe company reported a moderate profit in the last quarter.
minimumThe company's minimum profit target is $5 million.
pretaxThe company's pretax profit was $10 million.
monthlyThe company's monthly profit has been steadily increasing.
jointThe joint profit of the two businesses was substantial.
legitimateThe company was accused of seeking a legitimate profit instead of investing in research and development.
apparentThe apparent profit on the sale of the property was $100,000.

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