Adjectives for Programme

Adjectives For Programme

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing programme, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a programme can significantly alter its perceived purpose and value. A political programme might suggest an agenda geared towards governance changes, while a national programme underscores its wide-reaching impact across a country. The term economic hints at fiscal outcomes, in stark contrast to a nuclear programme, which could imply energy or defense objectives. An educational programme is clearly focused on learning, broadening its appeal to those invested in intellectual development. And a comprehensive programme? That suggests an all-encompassing approach, leaving no stone unturned. Each adjective layers the noun with nuances, inviting readers to explore the kaleidoscope of possibilities. Dive deeper into the myriad ways adjectives color the world of programmes in our full list below.
politicalThe political programme was full of empty promises.
nationalHe also holds a number of other positions including Chairman of the Economic Development Committee and Chairman of the National programme on Technological Advancement.
economicThe economic programme aims to reduce poverty and inequality.
nuclearNorth Korea denied that its nuclear programme has military purposes.
educationalThe educational programme covered a wide range of topics, from basic literacy to advanced mathematics.
comprehensiveThe school has a comprehensive programme for students with special needs.
yearI have been working on this project for a year programme
wholeThe whole programme was a great success.
ambitiousThe ambitious programme was designed to improve the lives of the people in the community.
constructiveThe party has released its constructive programme for the upcoming election.
extensiveThe company's extensive programme of new product development is now beginning to pay dividends.
specialWe watch a special programme about the Great Wall of China.
majorThe university is offering a major programme in computer science.
pointI have been a member of the point programme for many years.
ruralThe rural programme provides financial support to farmers to help them improve their productivity.
termThe students of the first term programme were divided into four groups.
massiveThe government launched a massive programme to improve education standards.
fullHere is the full programme of events.
entireThe entire programme is designed to help students succeed in their studies.
integratedThe integrated programme helped her complete both her bachelor's and master's degrees in less time.
intensiveThe intensive programme lasted for four weeks.
legislativeThe legislative programme of the new government was ambitious.
radicalDespite his radical programme he failed to achieve his aims.
originalWe will have a new original programme for the next viewing season.
overallThe overall programme was a success.
effectiveThe effective programme has helped many people improve their lives.
regularThe children watched their regular programme on TV.
currentThe current programme is designed to help students improve their writing skills.
successfulThe successful programme has been running for over 10 years.
definiteI don't have a definite programme for the evening, but I'll see what happens.
officialThe official programme commenced with an opening address from the President.
detailedThe detailed programme will be announced later.
jointThe joint programme will be launched next month.
internationalThe student has been selected for the international programme at the university.
agriculturalThe agricultural programme was designed to improve crop yields.
plannedThe planned programme of events includes a welcome reception, keynote speeches, and breakout sessions on various topics.
socialistThe socialist programme was designed to create a more just and equitable society.
experimentalThe experimental programme attracted a large number of participants.
navalThe naval programme was designed to modernise the fleet.
structuralThe structural programme is designed to promote economic growth and stability.
dailyThe daily programme features a variety of exciting shows.
minimumThe party's minimum programme called for the nationalisation of industry and the establishment of a socialist republic.
futureThe future programme will be announced next week.
revolutionaryThe party's revolutionary programme was met with resistance from the government.
annualThe annual programme is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen field.
agrarianThe agrarian programme of the party includes land reforms and agricultural development.
environmentalThe environmental programme was a huge success, with over 1,000 people in attendance.
regionalThe regional programme was designed to improve access to education for girls.
formalThe formal programme was well-structured and informative.
systematicTheir leadership led to a systematic programme of economic reforms.
scaleA query to evaluate the impact of a given scale programme on a given group of people.
vastThe government has announced a vast programme of investment in infrastructure.
liberalThe liberal programme was designed to help people in need.
scientificThe scientific programme was designed to provide the participants with an overview of the latest developments in the field.
buildingThe building programme is designed to create a more sustainable and energy-efficient town centre.
vigorousThe vigorous programme of exercise has greatly improved my health.
democraticThe party's new democratic programme included policies to support education and healthcare.
ongoingThe ongoing programme aims to improve the quality of education in the region.
broadThe broad programme covered a wide range of topics.

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