Adjectives for Progress

Adjectives For Progress

Discover the most fitting adjectives for progress, such as economic, rapid, and social, to enhance your writing. Our guide provides examples showcasing each adjective in a sentence, offering insights into their usage with the word 'progress'. Perfect for writers seeking precision and depth in their discussions about advancement and development.

economicThe country has achieved significant economic progress in recent years.
rapidThe team made rapid progress on the project.
socialThe initiative aimed to promote social progress in the community.
furtherWe must make further progress in reducing emissions.
littleThe negotiations are making little progress
technologicalTechnological progress has propelled society forward at an unparalleled rate.
slowThe project is making slow progress but is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
greatThe student has made great progress throughout the semester.
considerableThe team has made considerable progress on the project.
humanHuman progress depends on a fusion of artificial intelligence and human creativity.
technicalTechnical progress has brought us many conveniences that make our lives easier.
muchDespite the challenges, we have made much progress in recent years.
scientificScientific progress has brought us many new technologies that have improved our lives.
realThe new approach led to real progress in the project.
significantThe project has made significant progress in recent months.
steadyThe project made steady progress towards completion.
recentThe research team is encouraged by the recent progress in their project.
substantialThe project has made substantial progress in the last few months.
industrialThe country has experienced rapid industrial progress in the last decade.
spiritualMeditation and yoga helped her to achieve spiritual progress
moralThe moral progress of society is measured by the extent to which it protects the most vulnerable.
futureI am excited about the future progress of technology.
remarkableThe company has seen remarkable progress in the past year.
educationalEducational progress is essential for the development of a nation.
intellectualIntellectual progress is the key to understanding the world around us.
gradualThe gradual progress of the project is evident at every stage.
satisfactoryTheir performance has shown satisfactory progress this quarter.
academicThe student's academic progress was remarkable, exceeding all expectations.
medicalRecent medical progress has made it possible to treat many illnesses that were once incurable.
historicalOver time, the research team has seen great historical progress in the field of genetics.
tremendousThe company has made tremendous progress in developing the new product.
continuousStudents make continuous progress while interacting with the system.
continuedThe continued progress in technology has made our lives easier.
evolutionaryThe evolutionary progress of the species was evident in its increasingly complex adaptations.
triumphalThe triumphal progress of the victorious army was met with cheers from the citizens.
agriculturalThere has been remarkable agricultural progress in recent decades.
forwardThe project continues to make good forward progress
enormousWe have made enormous progress in the field of artificial intelligence.
developmentalThe child's developmental progress is being closely monitored by the pediatrician.
subsequentThe subsequent progress of the project was hindered by various factors.
excellentThe students have made excellent progress in their studies.
notableThe new treatment has shown notable progress in reducing symptoms.
wonderfulThe team has made wonderful progress with the project.
limitedThe project has made limited progress due to unexpected technical difficulties.
overallThe overall progress of the project has been satisfactory.
orderlyThe gradual and orderly progress towards the goal was impressive.
sufficientOur project has made sufficient progress to move forward.
royalThe royal progress was greeted with great fanfare.
inevitableThe inevitable progress of technology will continue to shape our lives.
genuineGenuine progress is measured by the well-being of all.
upwardTheir upward progress was swift and steady as they ascended the mountain.
definiteThe new treatment shows definite progress in improving the patient's condition.
therapeuticHer therapeutic progress was slow, but steady.
extraordinaryWe have made extraordinary progress in this project, completing it well ahead of schedule.
continualThe team's continual progress was evident in their recent victories.
peacefulThe nation enjoys peaceful progress under the new leadership.
immenseThe company's immense progress in artificial intelligence has revolutionized the industry.
racialMartin Luther King had a dream of racial progress
triumphantThe triumphant progress of the rebels through the city was met with cheers and celebrations.
impressiveThe new factory has made impressive progress in production since its opening.
dramaticThe company has made dramatic progress in developing new products this year.
markedThe student has made marked progress in the last year.

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