Adjectives for Property

Adjectives For Property

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing property, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the complex world of ownership and rights, the word 'property' takes on various shades of meaning, enriched by the adjectives that precede it. A 'private property' highlights exclusivity, suggesting a realm untouched by the public. 'Personal property,' on the other hand, carries an intimate attachment, implying possessions closely tied to an individual's identity. The term 'real property' transports us to the domain of real estate, focusing on land and immovable structures. 'Own property' emphasizes the right of possession, underscoring the pride and responsibility of ownership. The sphere of creativity is navigated with 'intellectual property,' where original ideas and expressions are safeguarded. Meanwhile, 'common property' invites a collective stewardship, highlighting resources shared among many. These nuanced uses reveal the complex interplay between property and personal or societal claims. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that paint the diverse portraits of property below.
privateTrespassing on private property is prohibited.
personalI need to make a list of all my personal property before I move.
realThe real property was sold for $1 million.
ownI want to own property one day.
intellectualThe company's intellectual property is its most valuable asset.
commonAll of the flats in the apartment block share the common property which includes the garden and leisure facilities.
publicThe use of public property is a privilege that should not be abused.
separateBob transferred his separate property to Mary in a divorce settlement.
valuableThe valuable property was stolen in the middle of the night.
tangibleI want to buy tangible property like land, buildings, or equipment.
physicalThe physical property of the rock makes it difficult to break.
immovableMy immovable property is located in the heart of the city.
movableThe antique furniture belonged to the category of movable property
taxableThe county collected $10 million in taxes from taxable property last year.
exclusiveThe exclusive property is owned by a single individual or entity.
considerableShe inherited considerable property from her wealthy aunt.
residentialI'm looking to buy a residential property in the suburbs.
entireHe wanted to buy the entire property
jointThe couple's house is their joint property
peculiarThe peculiar property of the material was its ability to change color when exposed to light.
intangibleThe trademark is an intangible property of the company.
fundamentalThe fundamental property of a circle is that the distance from any point on the circle to the center is constant.
culturalThe cultural property of the region has been well preserved.
essentialThe door is an essential property of a house.
corporateThe company's corporate property was valued at over $100 million.
commercialThe commercial property was recently renovated.
ecclesiasticalThe church's ecclesiastical property was seized by the government during the revolution.
mortgagedThe bank took possession of the mortgaged property after the owner defaulted on the loan.
communalThe communal property was divided equally among the villagers.
characteristicThe characteristic property of water is its high specific heat capacity.
intrinsicThe intrinsic property of the material makes it suitable for use in a variety of applications.
absoluteHe was the absolute property of his master during his minority.
uniqueThe painting has a unique property that draws in viewers.
textThe text property is used to set the text content of an element.
remarkableThis remarkable property has been in the family for generations.
literaryThe author's literary property rights include the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, and adapt the work.
inherentThe color of an object is an inherent property
interestingAn interesting property of the given function is that it is periodic.
rentalThe rental property was in a great location, but the rent was too high.
depreciableThe depreciable property was acquired on January 1, 2021.
maritalThe prenuptial agreement specified that the marital property would be divided equally between the spouses in the event of a divorce.
ancestralThe ancestral property had been in the family for generations.
collectiveThe shareholders have a collective property in the company.
usefulThe theorem is a useful property
ownedWe owned property in the suburbs and took family vacations to the beach every summer.
immoveableThe immoveable property was passed down through generations.
soleThe sole property of the island belonged to the Earl of Devon.
emergentThe emergent property of water is its ability to dissolve many substances.
stolenThe police found stolen property hidden in the suspect's car.
exemptThe homestead is exempt property under state law.
adjacentThe adjacent property was recently sold for $1 million.
productiveThe productive property generated a steady income for the owner.
acquiredThe acquired property was sold at a profit.
freeholdThe freehold property was sold for a large sum of money.

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