Adjectives for Proposal

Adjectives For Proposal

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing proposal, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the world of communication and persuasion, the adjective preceding 'proposal' can significantly affect the audience's perception. A 'new proposal' promises innovation and fresh ideas, whereas an 'original proposal' emphasizes uniqueness and creativity. Using 'first proposal' conveys a sense of pioneering spirit, contrastingly, a 'second proposal' often implies revision or reconsideration. Incorporating 'formal proposal' denotes professionalism and a structured approach. Each adjective delicately shades the proposal with various expectations and attitudes, setting the stage for the intended message. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can transform your 'proposal' from a mere suggestion to a compelling proposition below.
suchThe government is considering such proposal
newThe board members will vote on the new proposal on Friday.
originalThe original proposal was to create a new website.
firstJohn was nervous about his first proposal to Mary.
secondI was surprised by his second proposal of marriage.
formalWe are excited to present our formal proposal for your review and consideration.
initialThe initial proposal varied from the final plan.
similarI have a similar proposal for you.
sovietThe soviet proposal was rejected by the United States.
americanThe American proposal was met with mixed reactions from the international community.
britishThe British proposal was met with mixed reactions from other European countries.
specificThe specific proposal was met with mixed reactions.
legislativeThe legislative proposal is expected to be debated in the House of Commons next week.
alternativeThe company rejected the initial proposal but is open to considering alternative proposals.
finalThe final proposal must be submitted by Friday.
presentI would like to discuss the present proposal with you.
modestHe suggested a modest proposal to eliminate poverty by using children as a food source.
frenchOur next french proposal meeting will be on November 1st, 2023.
recentThe recent proposal has been met with mixed reactions.
particularThe particular proposal was met with resistance from the board members.
earlierOur earlier proposal builds on work done by Thomas Reifer three decades ago.
radicalThe radical proposal for reforming the education system met with fierce resistance.
concreteThe company announced a concrete proposal for a new product.
detailedPeter presented a detailed proposal to the client to ensure clarity and expectations
thirdHe made the third proposal hoping that she would finally accept.
seriousThe CEO's serious proposal was met with resistance from the board of directors.
latterThe latter proposal was more appealing, so it was chosen.
definiteI would like to submit a definite proposal
germanThe German proposal has been met with mixed reactions from other EU member states.
russianThe Russian proposal was met with resistance by the other delegates.
jointA joint proposal was submitted by the two companies.
interestingHe made an interesting proposal that we couldn't refuse.
currentThe committee will be voting on the current proposal next week.
reasonableThe committee presented a reasonable proposal for increasing funding for the new school.
pointThe point proposal is to be discussed in the next meeting.
comprehensiveWe have not received a comprehensive proposal from the vendor yet.
latestThe latest proposal was rejected by the committee.
practicalThe practical proposal outlined a clear plan for achieving the desired outcome.
japaneseThe Japanese proposal has been widely discussed.
controversialThe controversial proposal sparked a heated debate among the community members.
tentativeThe committee made a tentative proposal to raise the interest rates.
boldThe CEO made a bold proposal to acquire the rival company.
preliminaryThe board met to discuss the preliminary proposal
officialThe official proposal was presented to the board of directors for their review and approval.
generousThe company made a generous proposal to its employees, offering them a significant increase in pay and benefits.
technicalI would like to submit a technical proposal for your consideration.
ambitiousThe ambitious proposal was met with both enthusiasm and skepticism.
constructiveThe team presented a constructive proposal that addressed all of the concerns raised by the stakeholders.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary proposal was met with both enthusiasm and skepticism.
canadianThe Canadian proposal was met with mixed reactions.
extraordinaryJohn surprised Mary with an extraordinary proposal that she could not resist.
strangeTom's strange proposal left Mary at a loss for what to say.
fairI'd say that's a fair proposal
unexpectedI received an unexpected proposal which filled my heart with joy and confusion.
novelThe novel proposal was met with great interest by the investors.
attractiveJennifer received an attractive proposal last weekend.
startlingThe expert presented a startling proposal
constitutionalThe constitutional proposal was rejected by the voters.
fourthThe fourth proposal was met with unanimous approval.
pageThe team reviewed the page proposal and provided feedback to the submitter.
italianWe are waiting for the Italian proposal

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