Adjectives for Protection

Adjectives For Protection

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing protection, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe protection can subtly change its meaning, underscoring the importance of precision in language. Environmental protection speaks to safeguarding our natural world, while equal protection underlines the societal imperative for fairness. Legal protection ensures rights are upheld within the framework of the law. Adequate and special protections, on the other hand, suggest varying degrees of safety, with adequate protection meeting basic standards and special protection going beyond for particular needs or valuables. Effective protection highlights the functionality and success of safeguarding measures. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with protection to deepen your understanding of its nuances.
environmentalEnvironmental protection is essential for the preservation of our planet.
equalAll must be treated with equal protection under the law.
legalThe witness was granted legal protection during the trial.
adequateThe company received adequate protection from its insurance policy.
specialThe government promised special protection for the endangered species.
effectiveThe effective protection of our national interests is a matter of paramount importance.
betterThe improved security system provided her with better protection
additionalThe new safety features provide additional protection for drivers and passengers.
britishThe new immigrants found refuge under British protection
greaterThe company announced updates to its policies to provide greater protection for customer data.
fullShe was offered full protection until she was ready to testify.
completeThis shield offers complete protection from the elements.
mutualThe alliance was formed for their mutual protection
constitutionalThe First Amendment provides constitutional protection for freedom of speech.
sufficientThe article provides sufficient protection against the elements.
divineShe felt a sense of divine protection as she walked through the dark forest.
militaryThe military protection of the building will be increased against potential attacks.
furtherThe company has taken further protection to ensure the safety of its employees.
personalHe took extra precautions for his personal protection
cathodicCathodic protection is a technique used to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell.
copyrightThis work is under copyright protection and cannot be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder.
properEnsure proper protection to prevent injury in hazardous environments.
internationalHe is seeking international protection in Canada.
maximumThe helmet provided maximum protection against head injuries.
intellectualHe obtained intellectual protection for his invention.
temporaryThe temporary protection will only last for a month.
extraThe extra protection provided by the helmet kept him safe during the accident.
necessaryIt is necessary protection against the elements for homes in this climate.
lessThe new law provides less protection for consumers.
federalThe bald eagle is a bird of prey that is under federal protection
immediateThe insurance policy offers immediate protection against accidents.
inadequateThe inadequate protection of the data led to a major security breach.
partialThe partial protection offered by the mask was better than no protection at all.
excellentThe sunscreen provided excellent protection from the sun's harmful rays.
limitedThe limited protection provided by the warranty made the investment not worth it.
agriculturalAgricultural protection is important for safeguarding the food supply and supporting rural communities.
absoluteThe treaty guarantees absolute protection for the minority population.
diplomaticThe diplomatic protection of foreign citizens abroad is a significant aspect of international relations.
ampleThe witness was given ample protection by the authorities.
statutoryThe company is entitled to statutory protection against unfair competition.
overcurrentThe overcurrent protection feature limits the amount of current that can flow through an electrical circuit.
termI need a term protection plan to protect my family in case something happens to me.
powerfulThe amulet grants powerful protection against evil spirits.
mechanicalWe use a soft cover to provide mechanical protection to the equipment.
respiratoryWearing respiratory protection is essential when working with hazardous fumes.
royalThe castle received royal protection during the siege.
efficientThe efficient protection of personal data is essential for maintaining privacy and preventing misuse.
judicialThe prosecution team was granted judicial protection so their identities could not be disclosed prior to trial.
permanentThe council established permanent protection for the lake.
reasonableThe court held that the privacy interest in one's person is entitled to reasonable protection under the Constitution.
myocardialMyocardial protection is an essential aspect of cardiac surgery.
addedShe added protection to her most prized belongings.
overloadThe electrical system has overload protection to prevent damage from power surges.
substantialThe company's intellectual property is given substantial protection under the law.
legislativeThe proposed legislation provides legislative protection for whistleblowers who report fraud and other illegal activities.
navalThe coastal city was defended by a series of naval protection measures.
enoughThe material provides enough protection from the elements.

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