Adjectives for Protocol

Adjectives For Protocol

Discover the most common adjectives for protocol, including standard, additional, and experimental. Our guide provides examples and sentences for each adjective, enhancing your understanding of how to describe various protocols effectively.

standardThe investigation will follow standard protocol
additional"The above-mentioned additional protocol will be posted for 5 days."
experimentalThe research team presented the experimental protocol to the ethics committee for review.
presentShe will not be able to travel without present protocol
simpleThe simple protocol was easy to follow.
specificThe team used a specific protocol to test the drug's efficacy.
commonThe common protocol was followed by all the participants.
basicThe basic protocol for conducting scientific research involves formulating a hypothesis, designing an experiment, collecting data, and analyzing the results.
orientedThe oriented protocol powered the autonomous operation of the rover.
secretThe secret protocol was hidden in a safe deposit box.
originalThe team decided to stick with the original protocol
keyThe key protocol ensures secure communication between two parties.
particularWe followed a particular protocol for this experiment.
levelThe communication between the two devices is using a level protocol
clinicalThe clinical protocol requires the patient to take the medication at the same time each day.
standardizedThe laboratory uses a standardized protocol to ensure the consistency and accuracy of their test results.
singleUsers can communicate using a single protocol regardless of the applications they use.
connectionlessUDP is a connectionless protocol that doesn't require a dedicated connection between the sender and receiver.
proprietaryThe company's proprietary protocol ensures secure data transmission.
finalThe final protocol was signed by both parties.
appropriateWe must follow appropriate protocol when handling sensitive information.
dynamicThe dynamic protocol allows for easy integration with different systems.
properIt was very important to follow proper protocol in order to ensure the success of the event.
strictThe strict protocol ensured that all procedures were followed precisely.
secureThe secure protocol protects sensitive data from unauthorized access.
reliableTCP is a reliable protocol that ensures data is delivered without errors.
detailedThe detailed protocol outlines the steps for conducting the experiment.
optionalOptional protocols provide additional mechanisms to enhance treaty implementation.}
diplomaticDiplomatic protocol dictates that ambassadors must be treated with respect.
serialThe serial protocol allowed for communication between two devices.
militaryThe military protocol was strictly enforced during the parade.
efficientThe new efficient protocol allows for the quick transfer of data.
typicalThe staff followed typical protocol when greeting the guests.
currentThe current protocol dictates that all employees must wear masks while on the premises.
separateEach device can use a separate protocol for communicating with the data collector.
internetThe internet protocol is a set of rules that govern communication between computers.
wirelessThe wireless protocol allowed the devices to communicate without the need for wires.
formalThe formal protocol dictates strict adherence to established rules and procedures.
multicastThe multicast protocol is a networking protocol that allows data to be sent to a group of computers at once.
modifiedThe research team modified protocol to account for the unexpected results.
statelessUDP is a stateless protocol meaning it does not store information about previous communication with a client.
aboveThis application is operating above protocol and will be shut down.
popularThe popular protocol is widely used across the internet.
complexThe complex protocol required multiple steps to complete the transaction.
synchronousThe synchronous protocol ensures that data is transmitted and received in the same order.
timeThe time protocol is a set of rules that govern how computers communicate with each other over a network.
rorschachThe Rorschach protocol is a psychological test that uses inkblots to assess personality characteristics.
stepThe step protocol is designed to help you gradually increase your activity level.
usualThe waiting list for an operation followed the usual protocol
correctIt is important to follow the correct protocol in order to ensure a smooth and efficient process.
stateThe delegation observed state protocol during the official reception.
asynchronousThe asynchronous protocol allows for efficient communication between distributed systems.
diagnosticThe doctor ordered a diagnostic protocol to help determine the cause of the patient's symptoms.
officialThe official protocol was strictly followed during the ceremony.
remoteWe can establish a remote protocol to access the computer safely.
netThe net protocol is a set of rules that computers can use to communicate with each other.
verbalThe witness provided a verbal protocol of the incident.
alternativeThe team is exploring alternative protocols for data transmission.
pointThe network interface was configured with an incorrect point protocol
lightweightThe new lightweight protocol enables faster communication between devices.
institutionalThe research team adhered to strict institutional protocol when conducting the experiments.
rigidWe must adhere to the rigid protocol established for this experiment.
genericYou can use generic protocols to define a protocol that can be adopted by a variety of types.
structuredThe study was conducted using a structured protocol that included a series of interviews and questionnaires.
optimalThe optimal protocol for the experiment has been carefully designed.
endLet's end protocol for today's meeting.
interiorThe interior protocol was designed to ensure the security of the network.

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