Adjectives for Provider

Adjectives For Provider

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing provider, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a provider can significantly affect the perception of the service or product being offered. A primary provider suggests a leading or initial source, emphasizing importance or prioritization. Describing someone as a good provider adds a qualitative assessment, indicating reliability or excellence. The term sole provider denotes exclusivity, potentially adding value through uniqueness. The largest provider conveys scale, suggesting capability or extensiveness. Meanwhile, a content provider focuses on the nature of the material supplied, and a medical provider specifies the sector, underscoring the service’s relevance to health. Each adjective opens up nuances that enrich our understanding, serving different narrative or persuasive purposes. Explore a full list of adjectives to perfectly match your context.
primaryMy child's primary provider is Dr. Smith.
goodHe is a good provider for his family.
soleThe sole provider of the family worked diligently to make ends meet.
largestThe largest provider of auto insurance in the United States is State Farm.
contentThe content provider allows applications to share data with each other.
medicalThe medical provider prescribed a new medication for the patient's condition.
majorThe hospital is a major provider of healthcare services in the region.
mainThe main provider of the product is a large corporation.
localI prefer to use a local provider for my healthcare needs.
singleWe are working closely with our single provider to keep the supply of cleaning supplies ample.
mentalI saw my mental provider this morning.
onlyShe is my only provider
private"She told me that her private provider was happy with her progress this year."
appropriateDr. Smith is the appropriate provider for this surgery.
financialThe financial provider assured us that our funds were safe.
universalThe universal provider offers a comprehensive range of services to meet all your needs.
directThe direct provider of the service is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
externalWe rely on an external provider to manage our customer data.
particularSome people prefer to stay with one particular provider throughout their lives.
preferredThe health insurance company has a list of hospitals that are preferred providers.
partyWe hired a party provider to take care of all the details of the party.
individualThe individual provider is responsible for providing the services as per the agreement.
professionalI highly recommend going to that professional provider
internetI'm having trouble with my internet provider
commercialOur commercial provider recommended that we switch our hosting providers.
onlineI am using my online provider to get my work done.
serviceI am looking for a service provider who can help me with my business.
globalThe company is a global provider of semiconductor devices.
maleThe male provider was the sole breadwinner for the family.
wirelessI contacted my wireless provider to inquire about my data usage.
principalThe principal provider of healthcare services in the United States is the physician.
qualifiedI am looking for a qualified provider for this project.
chiefMy father is the chief provider for our family.
independentThe independent provider offered a wide range of services to its clients.
childcareThe childcare provider took excellent care of our son.
costThe cost provider was able to find a more affordable option.
basedWe have chosen a based provider for our insurance needs.
dominantThe dominant provider of healthcare services in the region is a large hospital system.
patientThe patient provider carefully listened to the young girl's symptoms.
licensedThe patient is advised to follow the instructions of the licensed provider
outside"The hospital has contracted with an outside provider for janitorial services."
potentialThe potential provider could not be reached.
mobileI switched to a new mobile provider for better service.
clientThe client provider relationship is important in any business.
cellularI am switching to a new cellular provider
alternativeWe can use an alternative provider for the surgery.
prehospitalThe prehospital provider initiated care for the patient.
exclusiveThe exclusive provider of the service is ABC Company.
regularMy regular provider is out of the office this week.
excellentOur company is proud to be an excellent provider of high-quality products and services.
mailI switched to a different mail provider because the old one was not reliable.
generousThe generous provider donated food and clothing to the homeless.
daycareThe daycare provider was very caring and attentive to the children.
keyThe key provider generated the encryption key.
efficientChoose an efficient provider to ensure seamless transactions and minimize costs.
dentalMy dental provider is just down the street from where I live.
outsourcingWe hired an outsourcing provider to handle our customer service needs.
biggestAT&T is the biggest provider of mobile phone services in the United States.
reliableWe have been a reliable provider of high-quality products and services for over 20 years.
netThe net provider should be able to provide a reliable connection.
registeredThe registered provider will be able to offer a range of services.
pediatricI am looking for a pediatric provider who can see my child.
distanceThe distance provider calculated the route accurately
cryptographicThe cryptographic provider generates and manages cryptographic keys.
bountifulThe bountiful provider bestowed an ample harvest upon the village.
responsibleThe responsible provider must ensure that the patient understands the risks and benefits of any treatment.
ultimateThe ultimate provider of sustenance is nature itself.
upstreamThe upstream provider is responsible for providing the service to the downstream consumer.
experiencedThe experienced provider quickly diagnosed the patient's illness.
broadbandWe use a broadband provider to connect to the internet.
trainedA trained provider is able to assist you with your needs.
willingWe are looking for a willing provider to help us with this project.
incumbentThe incumbent provider has been providing healthcare services to the community for over 20 years.

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