Adjectives for Provisions

Adjectives For Provisions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing provisions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe provisions can subtly shift their meaning, adding layers of specificity or intention. Adjectives like constitutional or statutory highlight the legal framework, implying a certain gravity and necessity. On the other hand, terms like special or general focus on the nature and scope, distinguishing between the ordinary and the exceptional. Even seemingly simple adjectives, such as other or such, play crucial roles in framing discussions around provisions, pointing to alternatives or inclusivity. Each choice provides a nuanced lens through which to view and understand the concept of provisions. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to fully appreciate the subtleties they bring.
otherIn addition to the penalties provided for in this Section, the Court may order other provisions to ensure the safety and welfare of the child, including ordering child support, counseling, or other appropriate measures.
constitutionalThe constitution requires military personnel to register for the draft with the selective system, a requirement that raises constitutional provisions
specialThe new policy incorporates special provisions for students with disabilities.
suchThere are such provisions in the law.
statutoryThe regulation of the company is subject to general statutory provisions and the articles of association.
generalThe contract document included general provisions for the termination of the agreement.
certainWe must comply with certain provisions of the contract.
legalObtaining details of the legal provisions with respect to dubious clauses is necessary
specificThe contract included specific provisions for the termination of the agreement.
similarThe contract contained similar provisions to the previous one.
followingThe agreement contains the following provisions
variousThe committee discussed various provisions of the bill.
relevantThe relevant provisions in the contract are clear and concise.
importantThe document outlined several important provisions to ensure compliance.
mainThe main provisions of the agreement are as follows.
freshThe crew stocked up on fresh provisions before embarking on their long voyage.
detailedThe contract laid out detailed provisions for the terms of the sale.
legislativeThe legislative provisions were designed to protect the rights of citizens.
necessaryThe party took all the necessary provisions for their long journey.
foregoingThe foregoing provisions were adopted by the Conference at its 108th Session on 21 June 1957
additionalThe contract includes additional provisions for late delivery.
adequateWe made adequate provisions for a rainy day.
aboveHe has not complied with the above provisions
financialThe new financial provisions were designed to help those in need.
basicThe aid workers distributed basic provisions to the refugees.
miscellaneousThe miscellaneous provisions of the contract included clauses on dispute resolution, termination, and confidentiality.
keyThe key provisions of the bill include tax cuts, increased spending, and regulatory reform.
administrativeThe administrative provisions of the bill were not clear.
substantiveThe substantive provisions of the agreement were agreed upon by both sides.
applicableIn this given instance, it's not possible to adhere to all applicable provisions
contractualWe must adhere to the contractual provisions or face legal consequences.
principalThe principal provisions of the contract are set out in the following paragraphs.
penalOffenders not complying with the law are subject to penal provisions
transitionalThe transitional provisions in the contract allowed for a smooth transition to the new system.
mandatoryThe contract included a number of mandatory provisions
elaborateThe contract contained elaborate provisions for the settlement of disputes.
educationalThe order provides several educational provisions to help students succeed.
liberalThe contract included liberal provisions for sick leave and vacation time.
restrictiveThe restrictive provisions of the contract prevented us from making any changes.
correspondingThe regulations include clauses including the corresponding provisions
federalEntities using these programs must comply with federal provisions and regulations governing individual and family privacy.
numerousThat new legislation contains numerous provisions that are favorable to business.
appropriateThe appropriate provisions of this Agreement shall apply to the Arbitration.
regulatoryThe regulatory provisions are set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations.
enoughThe explorers had enough provisions to last them for several months.
explicitThe contract includes explicit provisions for termination.
supplementaryThe supplementary provisions of the contract set out the terms of the agreement between the parties.
essentialHe packed the essential provisions for his journey.
sufficientThe explorers set off on their journey with sufficient provisions
chiefThe chief provisions of the treaty established a demilitarized zone between the two countries.
stringentThe contract includes stringent provisions to protect the interests of both parties.
criminalThe criminal provisions of the law were enforced against the defendant.
ampleThe estate was stocked with ample provisions for the winter.
pertinentIt is important to follow the pertinent provisions of the contract.
expressThe contract includes express provisions for the termination of employment.
generousThe government made generous provisions for the welfare of the refugees.
protectiveThe contract contained a number of protective provisions to guard against potential losses.
suitableWe have made suitable provisions for the upcoming storm.
temporary"Temporary provisions" are implemented to remain in effect for a limited amount of time.
proceduralThe procedural provisions of the law provide a framework for the conduct of legal proceedings.
compulsoryThe compulsory provisions of the agreement must be adhered to.
precedingThese preceding provisions relate to the general disposition of the insanity defense.
relatedThe establishment of the Commission falls within the scope of the related provisions of the treaty.
minimumThe regulations set out the minimum provisions on health and safety for workers.
inadequateThe refugees arrived at the camp with inadequate provisions
discriminatoryThere are still discriminatory provisions in the law that need to be addressed.

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