Adjectives for Public

Adjectives For Public

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing public, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'public' can significantly alter the tone and specificity of your sentence. 'General public' suggests a broad, undefined group of people, while 'American public' or 'British public' narrows the focus to national identities, adding nuance and context. 'Wider public' expands the scope, hinting at a more inclusive approach. Meanwhile, 'notary public' and 'English public' add a layer of occupational or linguistic specificity, shifting the meaning from a general group to a very specific subset. The diversity of adjectives available reveals the complexity and richness of the concept of 'public.' Discover the full array of adjectives to accurately capture the various facets of 'public' in your writing below.
generalInformation about the general public can be found online.
americanThe American public is generally supportive of the military.
britishThe British public has been urged to stay at home to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.
widerThe museum is now open to a wider public
notaryI had to go to the notary public to get my signature witnessed.
englishThe english public is largely supportive of the government's decision to leave the EU.
largerThe company's stock price rose after its announcement of a larger public offering.
germanThe German public is generally supportive of the government's policies.
frenchThe french public is largely supportive of the government's policies.
internationalThe international public is increasingly concerned about climate change.
wideThe work has gained a wide public
broaderThe broader public should be informed about the latest scientific findings.
informedThe well-informed public is important for the healthy development of democracy.
japaneseThe Japanese public is generally polite and respectful.
broadThe broad public is invited to make comments.
interestedThe interested public will be able to comment on the proposed rule.
russianThe Russian public has been kept in the dark about the true extent of the war in Ukraine.
indianThe Indian public weighs in on the issue.
canadianThe Canadian public is generally supportive of the government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.
israeliThe Israeli public is divided on the issue of peace with the Palestinians.
europeanThe European public has become increasingly concerned about climate change.
christianThe christian public was skeptical of his claims.
outsideThe outside public is not allowed in the building.
intelligentThe intelligent public was able to see through the politician's empty promises.
attentiveThe attentive public listened eagerly to the speaker's words.
literaryThe literary public was eager to read the latest novel by their favorite author.
sovietThe Soviet public was not informed of the true extent of the nuclear disaster.
literateThe literate public is aware of the latest news and events.
enlightenedThe enlightened public was eager to learn more about the new scientific discoveries.
musicalAmong the large musical public however, the cantata was largely unknown fifty years ago.
unsuspectingThe unsuspecting public was unaware of the impending danger.
buyingThe company was eager to appease the buying public
australianThe Australian public is generally supportive of the government's handling of the pandemic.
vastThe vast public was excited about the new product release.
parisianThe Parisian public is known for its sophistication and style.
educatedThe educated public is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection.
speakingThe candidate was a gifted speaker who was able to connect with the speaking public
classThe box is on the table of the class public
eagerThe eager public queued around the block to catch a glimpse of their idol.
generousThe generous public donated money to the charity.
lovingThe loving public has always supported the actor's career.
curiousThe curious public gazed upon the strange sights, their expressions a mix of awe and bewilderment.
fickleThe fickle public quickly forgot her past accomplishments and turned against her.
discerningThe discerning public will appreciate the fine details of this artwork.
irishThe Irish public was outraged by the news.
bourgeoisThe bourgeois public enjoyed the entertainment provided by the opera.
skepticalThe skeptical public remained unconvinced by the government's assurances.
victorianThe Victorian public shared their ideas about death through literature and ceremonies.
mexicanThe Mexican public is largely supportive of the government's efforts to combat crime.

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