Adjectives for Publisher

Adjectives For Publisher

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing publisher, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a publisher can significantly shape a reader's understanding and expectations. An original publisher implies innovation and uniqueness, often attracting those in search of fresh content. American and English publishers may evoke notions of geographic-specific literary traditions, appealing to readers' cultural preferences. Describing a publisher as the same suggests familiarity and reliability, while first can denote prestige and pioneering spirit. A major publisher, contrastingly, highlights its dominant position in the industry, potentially promising a wide read reach. Each adjective brings its own color to the noun, painting pictures of history, geography, and capability. Discover the full range of adjectives paired with publisher to explore the diverse narratives they can construct.
originalThe original publisher of the book was a small press.
americanThe American publisher released the book in 2015.
sameI submitted the same publisher to different journals and got accepted by both.
firstThe first publisher of the newspaper was John Smith.
commercialWe have partnered with a commercial publisher to distribute our content.
britishThe book was published by a British publisher
largestHachette Livre was the largest publisher in 2021.
germanThe german publisher is responsible for the distribution and promotion of books and other printed materials.
formerI met the former publisher of a local newspaper and discussed his career.
localThe local publisher is known for their commitment to high-quality journalism.
frenchThe french publisher released a new book.
knownThe renowned author published his latest novel with a known publisher
enterprisingThe enterprising publisher managed to secure an interview with the reclusive author.
independentThe independent publisher released a groundbreaking new book.
successfulThe successful publisher had a knack for finding new and exciting authors.
famousThe famous publisher John Smith, received the award for his outstanding contribution to literature.
associateI have been working as an associate publisher for a publishing company for the past three years.
prominentThe company has been a prominent publisher of educational materials for over 50 years.
reputableThe article was published by a reputable publisher so I believe the information to be accurate.
eminentThe eminent publisher was known for his discerning taste in literature.
canadianThe Canadian publisher McClelland & Stewart has been in business since 1906.
italianThe Italian publisher Mondadori bought all rights to the book.
wealthyThe wealthy publisher donated millions of dollars to the local university.
soleThe sole publisher of the book is HarperCollins.
educationalThe educational publisher released the new textbooks on time.
regularThe regular publisher released a new book every month.
principalThe principal publisher of the magazine was a well-known media conglomerate.
prospectiveThe author submitted a manuscript to the prospective publisher
officialThe official publisher of the book is Random House.
academicThe academic publisher has been in business for over 50 years.
dutchI read a book published by a Dutch publisher
respectableThe respectable publisher was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for its outstanding reporting.
distinguishedThe distinguished publisher released a groundbreaking book.
rivalThe rival publisher released a tell-all book about the company's scandals.
prolificThe prolific publisher released several successful novels in a short period of time.
innovativeThe innovative publisher has been pushing the boundaries of digital publishing for years.
scholarlyI read a book published by a scholarly publisher
nonprofitThe nonprofit publisher released a report outlining the details."
electronicThe electronic publisher released a new e-book today.
basedGary decided to outsource the article to a based publisher
unknownThe mysterious book has an unknown publisher
musicThe music publisher helped promote the artist's work.
timeThe time publisher sent out a newsletter to all subscribers.
parisianShe is a renowned Parisian publisher
biggestScholastic is the world's biggest publisher and distributor of children's books.
celebratedThe celebrated publisher released the latest novel by the renowned author.
liberalThe liberal publisher defended his controversial decision to run the story.
swissThe Swiss publisher is one of the oldest in the world.
radicalThe radical publisher was known for its controversial and thought-provoking material.
conservativeThe conservative publisher released a new book by a right-wing author.
scottishThe Scottish publisher is well-known for his work in the field of literature.
mainstreamThe mainstream publisher rejected her controversial novel.

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