Adjectives for Purchase

Adjectives For Purchase

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing purchase, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a purchase can significantly alter the perception of the act. A first purchase marks a beginning, filled with anticipation and excitement. A compulsory purchase, on the other hand, suggests a lack of choice, undertaken out of necessity rather than desire. An outright purchase denotes a transaction devoid of complexities, straightforward and clear. Direct and original purchases evoke authenticity and a sense of personal involvement. Finally, an initial purchase may hint at the start of a longer journey or commitment. Each adjective nuances the experience, shaping our understanding and expectation. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the vivid stories they tell about purchases.
firstThis offer is valid for your first purchase only.
compulsoryThe compulsory purchase of the land was necessary for the construction of the new highway.
outrightThe company made an outright purchase of the building for $10 million.
directThe direct purchase of goods from manufacturers allows for cost savings.
originalHe returned the item to the store with the original purchase receipt.
initialAfter the initial purchase they offered a 10% discount on all future purchases.
actualI was very satisfied with the actual purchase
majorMy recent major purchase was a new car.
recentMy recent purchase was a new car.
possibleWhat is the possible purchase price of this land?
nextI'll need to review the receipt before I make my next purchase
singleI got a discount on my single purchase
jointThe joint purchase of the house required both parties to sign the mortgage.
privateThe soldier had purchased the uniform with private purchase
immediateI decided to make an immediate purchase of the book.
openWe offer an open purchase policy to our customers.
subsequentThe subsequent purchase was made with a credit card.
hireThe car was bought on hire purchase
betterThe better purchase can be made through an online vendor.
finalI made my final purchase of the day at the grocery store.
minimumPlease note that there is a $10 minimum purchase for all online orders.
simultaneousI was able to purchase the dress and shoes as a simultaneous purchase
additionalAre there any additional purchases you would like to make?
futureI'm planning on using this credit card for future purchases.
expensiveThe expensive purchase was a luxury car.
bulkA bulk purchase of non-perishable items was made for the upcoming trip.
mereI made a mere purchase of a few items at the store.
fairThis store offers a 10% discount on fair purchase
averageThe average purchase price of a home in the United States is expected to rise by 5% in the next year.
wholesaleThe company made a wholesale purchase of office supplies.
onlineShe made an online purchase for a new pair of shoes.
leaseWe signed a lease purchase agreement for our new car.
largestI need to get pre-approval for the largest purchase of my life.
annualThe company increased its annual purchase of office supplies.
potentialI am considering a potential purchase of a new car.
plannedI made a planned purchase for a new car.
latestMy latest purchase was a new pair of shoes.
necessaryThe necessary purchase of a new car was made.
cheapThe cheap purchase turned out to be a bargain.
dearWhen she saw her dear purchase she couldn't help but smile.
prospectiveI am considering a prospective purchase of a new car.
eventualThe eventual purchase of the new home was a major milestone for the young couple.
regularI make a regular purchase of apples from the local grocery store.
timeI'm sorry, but I can't make a sentence with the phrase 'time purchase'. It's not a common phrase, and I'm not sure what it means.
forwardWe have already made a forward purchase of 100 tons of wheat.
easyThe easy purchase of the new car made it a joy to own
conditionalThe store offers a conditional purchase option for their furniture.
voluntaryThe seller requires a voluntary purchase of a new set of tires.
netWe got a net purchase of $500.
cooperativeThe cooperative purchase allowed the group to get a better price on the materials they needed.
operativeThe operative purchase was critical to the success of the mission.
speculativeThe speculative purchase of the land has turned out to be a profitable investment.
illegalJohn was arrested for making an illegal purchase of fireworks.
unifiedThe unified purchase will simplify the checkout process.
occasionalI made an occasional purchase of a book.
wiseThe wise purchase of a new car saved him money in the long run.

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