Adjectives for Purpose

Adjectives For Purpose

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing purpose, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'purpose' can significantly affect the message you're trying to convey. Whether it's the 'same' purpose that unites a team, the 'main' purpose driving a project forward, the 'primary' purpose that outlines the core objectives, a 'useful' purpose that adds value, or the 'sole' purpose that stands alone in its importance—each adjective brings its own nuance. Identifying the 'present' purpose helps focus on the current moment. The adjective you select not only enriches the sentence but also sharpens the meaning, making your communication clearer and more effective. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that best complement 'purpose' and how they can enhance your message.
sameThey are made for the same purpose
mainMy main purpose in life is to help others.
primaryThe primary purpose of the meeting was to discuss the new product launch.
usefulThe invention has a useful purpose and can be manufactured and used at a reasonable cost.
soleThe sole purpose of the trip was to visit the historical landmarks.
presentThe present purpose of the company is to provide excellent customer service.
specificWe are going to the park with the specific purpose of playing frisbee.
commonThe students worked together with a common purpose
specialThe company has a special purpose vehicle to manage its real estate investments.
realThe painting had a real purpose beyond mere decoration.
particularThe company is looking for a candidate with a particular purpose in mind.
original"Her maid probably took it to draw water from the well." she said, thinking of the pail's original purpose
generalThe general purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the company's financial performance.
veryThe very purpose of innovation is to make life easier.
ultimateLife's ultimate purpose is to make a positive impact on the world.
moralThey acted with great moral purpose in their pursuit of justice.
definiteThe employee's resume clearly demonstrated a definite purpose for joining the company.
divineThe monk believed in the divine purpose of his mission.
majorThe major purpose of the research was to investigate the relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment.
practicalThe practical purpose of this device is to measure temperature.
chiefThe chief purpose of a university is to educate students.
similarThe two machines have a similar purpose
intendedThis tool was not used for its intended purpose
immediateThe immediate purpose of the meeting was to discuss the new project.
basicThe basic purpose of the organization is to provide support to the community.
trueThe true purpose of life is to find out what your true purpose is.
avowedThe organization's avowed purpose was to promote literacy.
principalThe principal purpose of the trip was to visit our aunt.
centralThe central purpose of the meeting was to discuss the company's future plans
seriousHis serious purpose did not detract from his kindly disposition.
latterWe have to postpone the payment until the latter purpose
clearThe scientist had a clear purpose in mind as he embarked on his research.
fundamentalThe fundamental purpose of education is to cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
overallThe overall purpose of the meeting was to discuss the company's future plans.
essentialThe essential purpose of education is to develop critical thinking skills.
consciousEmployees who feel a strong connection to their company's conscious purpose are more likely to be engaged and productive.
primeHer prime purpose in life was to help people in need.
legitimateThe document was obtained for a legitimate purpose under the Freedom of Information Act.
ostensibleThe ostensible purpose of the meeting was to discuss the upcoming project.
nobleHe dedicated his life to a noble purpose fighting for justice and equality.
deliberateThe feline's deliberate purpose was to capture the elusive mouse.
limitedThe information provided was for limited purpose only.
educationalThe educational purpose of the article was to inform readers about the importance of proper nutrition.
fixedShe had a fixed purpose to succeed in her career.
underlyingThe program's underlying purpose was to educate the children.
eternalThe eternal purpose of life is to seek truth, beauty, and goodness.
twofoldThe notebook served a twofold purpose it was a diary and a scrapbook.
didacticThe didactic purpose of the play was to teach children about the dangers of bullying.
apparentThe boy's apparent purpose was to figure out the secret behind the door.
statedThe noted musician stated purpose in her music.
ulteriorThe businessman's seemingly innocuous invitation had an ulterior purpose hidden beneath the surface.
explicitThe explicit purpose of the meeting was to discuss the company's financial performance.
charitableThe organization's charitable purpose is to provide food and shelter to the homeless.
firmHe worked toward his firm purpose with unwavering determination.
distinctEvery project has a distinct purpose and should be approached with a tailored strategy.
declaredThe declared purpose of the organization is to promote literacy in the community.
temporaryThe temporary purpose of the committee was to investigate the allegations of misconduct.
evilBeware of those who approach you with an evil purpose
artisticThe vibrant canvas danced with colors, an artistic purpose unfolding with each brushstroke.
settledShe listened to the voice speaking in her head with settled purpose

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