Adjectives for Quad

Adjectives For Quad

Explore our comprehensive list of adjectives for 'quad' used in sentences, including 'main', 'minute', 'front', and 'dotted'. Perfect for enhancing your vocabulary or finding the right descriptive word for any context. Dive into examples today and see how these adjectives vividly describe 'quad' in different scenarios.

mainWe walked across the main quad to get to the library.
minuteThe minute quad should be just over the next rise.
frontThe front quad of the university is a popular meeting spot for students.
dottedThe dotted quad notation is a way to represent an IPv4 address as a four-byte number written in four decimal numbers separated by periods.
newI'm so excited to ride my new quad
speedWe raced around the track in our speed quads.
oldThe old quad was a place where students could gather and socialize.
firstThe first quad is in the upper right quadrant of a graph.
centralShe went through the central quad on her way to class.
lowerThe doctor said the patient had a low lower quad
innerThe inner quad is a great place to relax and study.
secondThe second quad is a region of the plane bounded by the x- and y-axes and the lines x = 2 and y = 2.
tripleThe triple quad mass spectrometer is a powerful analytical tool used for quantifying small molecules.
singleWe hitched a ride with a single quad on a dirt track.
grassyStudents sat in the shade of the trees surrounding the grassy quad
largeThe newly constructed building had a large quad at the back.
wholeThe whole quad was filled with students playing frisbee.
rightThe doctor quickly examined my right quad
openStudents gathered in the open quad to socialize and study.
detachableThe detachable quad made it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
academicThe academic quad was bustling with students on their first day of classes.
thirdThe point is in the third quadrant.
historyI met my friends at the history quad to study for our upcoming exam.
bigThe big quad is adjacent to the library.
leftMy left quad is sore.
doubleThe fully loaded double quad is expected to arrive by noon.
eastThe east quad is a beautiful place to relax and study.
simpleI like to do simple quad jumps on the ice.
entireThe entire quad was filled with students on the first day of school.
emptyThe empty quad echoed with the sound of my footsteps.
upperOnce the discussion was over, we walked back to the upper quad
abdominalThe abdominal quad muscles are located on the front of the abdomen.
residentialThe residential quad was a popular place for students to socialize.
inchThe inch quad is a unit of area that is equal to one inch squared.
outerI need to strengthen my outer quad muscles.
texturedThe textured quad was rendered beautifully.
sunlitStudents walked across the sunlit quad to their next class.
southWe walked past the bustling south quad
quoteThe quote quad is a type of quotation mark used in typography.
screenThe screen quad was positioned in the center of the viewport.
beautifulShe was walking through the beautiful quad
greenThe green quad was filled with students enjoying the sunshine.
fourthThe fourth quad of the graph represents negative values for both x and y.
silentThe silent quad was a place of peace and tranquility.
topographicThe hiker used a topographic quad to plan his route.
sunnyStudents gathered in the sunny quad to study and socialize.
elementThe element quad was designed to provide a stable base for the structure.
selectI can select quad for my vehicle.
cubicalThe cubical quad was a bit too much for me to handle.
quietStudents strolled through the quiet quad its peaceful atmosphere contrasting the bustle of the surrounding campus.
contrastThe pulsating signals coming from the contrast quad offered valuable information about the evolving situation.
ocularAn ocular quad is a visual effect that looks like four circles stacked on top of each other.
linedThe lined quad is a species of pigeon native to the Australasian region.
calledA golf ball that lands on or in a hazard is called quad
classyThe classy quad was a popular hangout spot for the elite students at the university.
lazyThe lazy quad slept in his dorm.
numericThe numeric quad digits are always in the same order: 0, 1, 2, 3.
smallestI found the smallest quad of the given number.
skewThe skew quad was tilted to the left.
flatThe flat quad was very spacious.
northwestSailors often get lost in the northwest quad of the ocean.
dappledThe dappled quad was a sight to behold.
outdoorI like to hang out with my friends at the outdoor quad
sharedThe house has a spacious shared quad perfect for entertaining.
quadrilateralThe quadrilateral quad has four sides.
tomThe quadrangle at Christ Church, Oxford, known as Tom quad is the largest in Oxford and one of the largest in the world.
subroutineThe subroutine quad is a useful tool for solving complex mathematical problems.
starThe twisted-pair wires in a star quad cable are arranged in a star-shaped pattern.
macroA macro quad is a type of photography that focuses on close-up images of small objects.

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