Adjectives for Quantity

Adjectives For Quantity

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing quantity, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'quantity' can significantly alter the perception of the amount being discussed. A 'small quantity' implies a modest amount, perhaps insufficient for some purposes, while a 'large quantity' suggests abundance, often more than what is needed. Describing something as a 'sufficient quantity' denotes that the amount is just right, meeting the precise needs without excess. In contrast, a 'great quantity' or 'considerable quantity' indicates an overwhelming or generous amount, potentially surpassing expectations. Each adjective paints a distinct picture of volume, influencing how we interpret and react to the quantity at hand. Explore the full nuances of adjectives paired with 'quantity' to enhance your descriptive language.
smallHe added a small quantity of salt to the soup.
largeThe farmers had a large quantity of apples to sell.
sufficientShe stocked the pantry with a sufficient quantity of food for the next few weeks.
greatThe store had a great quantity of merchandise.
considerableA considerable quantity of rain fell during the storm.
sameBoth squares have the same quantity of sides.
total"The total quantity of goods produced in the factory this month was 10,000 units."
certainI would like to order a certain quantity of this product.
greaterThe greater quantity of apples was distributed among the students.
largerThe store had a larger quantity of tomatoes than the farmer's market.
unknownx is an unknown quantity in this equation.
equalAll three ingredients should be added in equal quantity
vastThe vast quantity of data made it difficult to analyze.
smallerThe store offers a smaller quantity of products.
enormousThe company had an enormous quantity of money in reserve.
immenseThe immense quantity of food left on the plates was shocking.
physicalThe physical quantity of mass is measured in kilograms.
greatestThe greatest quantity of rain fell during the summer months.
limitedOnly a limited quantity of these items are available.
averageThe university has an average quantity of students enrolled in its programs.
constantThe amount of matter in the universe remains a constant quantity
minimumThe minimum quantity of ingredients required for the recipe is one tablespoon.
largestThe largest quantity of food was consumed at the party.
smallestThe smallest quantity of water is required for the reaction.
actualThe actual quantity of the order was less than expected.
variableThe experiment was conducted with a variable quantity of reactants.
properThe proper quantity of ingredients is essential for a successful recipe.
additionalI used up all my supplies, so I bought an additional quantity of them.
negligibleThe difference in weight was a negligible quantity
maximumThe maximum quantity of this product you can order is 10.
lessReduce the less quantity of sugar in your tea.
moderateThe recipe calls for a moderate quantity of salt.
positiveThe revenue earned this month is a positive quantity
negativeThe bank balance showed a negative quantity
sheerThe sheer quantity of data was overwhelming.
measuredThe measured quantity was the weight of the object
absoluteThe absolute quantity of raindrops in the storm was astonishing.
exactThe store has the exact quantity of apples I need.
relativeThe relative quantity of chocolate chips in a bag of cookies was 1/3.
hugeWe ordered a huge quantity of food for the party.
usualCan you bring the usual quantity of fruits and vegetables?
adequateThe store had an adequate quantity of flour for baking.
necessaryI only took the necessary quantity of medicine.
correspondingThe corresponding quantity of water in the glass is 100 milliliters.
excessiveThe excessive quantity of rain caused flooding in the streets.
substantialThe company had a substantial quantity of unsold inventory.
equivalentThe equivalent quantity of sugar is two teaspoons.
measurableThe measurable quantity of the product was determined by its weight.
latterThe latter quantity is the number of people who have been vaccinated.
prodigiousShe devoured a prodigious quantity of pizza.
dimensionlessThe Reynolds number is a dimensionless quantity used to characterize fluid flow.
optimal"The company is producing at its optimal quantity."
doubleHe ordered a double quantity of pizza since it was his favorite.
insufficientThe baker did not have an insufficient quantity of flour to make the bread.
requisiteThe requisite quantity of ingredients was carefully measured before baking the cake.
finiteThe finite quantity of cheese in the fridge was not enough for our party.
suitableI have a suitable quantity of clothes for the trip.
fairShe had a fair quantity of knowledge about the subject.
continuousThe amount of rainfall is a continuous quantity
unlimitedThe shop owner had an unlimited quantity of chocolate bars in stock.
unusualThe unusual quantity of toys in the playroom made it hard for the kids to find what they were looking for.
uncertainThe uncertain quantity of the outcome made the decision difficult.
reasonableThe recipe calls for a reasonable quantity of salt and pepper.
extraThe extra quantity of food was enough to feed the entire village.
availableThe available quantity of the product is 10.
lesserThe lesser quantity of sugar was used in the recipe.

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