Adjectives for Quantum

Adjectives For Quantum

Discover the most fitting adjectives for 'quantum', including single, light, multiple, and certain. Our carefully selected example sentences showcase each adjective's use, enhancing your understanding of quantum concepts and enriching your vocabulary. Perfect for students, educators, and enthusiasts eager to explore the fascinating world of quantum.

singleThe single quantum was emitted by the atom.
lightThis light quantum exhibits a remarkable property.
multipleMultiple quantum states can interact with each other.
certainCertain quantum systems are inherently non-deterministic
totalThe total quantum number for an electron is equal to the sum of its orbital and spin quantum numbers.
elementaryElementary quantum systems can be described by a wave function.
rayThe ray quantum is a fundamental unit of energy.
doubleThe experiment was performed using double quantum dots.
absorbedThe absorbed quantum particles were quickly converted into electricity.
minimumThe minimum quantum of energy is called the Planck constant.
fixedThe fixed quantum of acting energy is now the minimum amount required for an electron to detach itself from the surface.
largerThe larger quantum entanglement, the greater the distance.
exactThe exact quantum calculation is very complicated.
vibrationalVibrational quantum coupling is now widely used to explore chemical and biological reactions.
definiteThe definite quantum was not determined using this method.
fullThe new chip uses full quantum architecture that will outperform its predecessors in terms of power and speed.
magneticThe magnetic quantum number determines the orientation of the atomic orbital in space.
scatteredThe scattered quantum of light danced across the room.
strainedThe strained quantum well structure is widely used for light-emitting diodes.
actualThe actual quantum of light is called a photon.
greaterThe greater quantum of energy released in this reaction makes it more efficient.
usualThe experiment confirmed the usual quantum behavior of electrons, moving as waves.
multiMulti quantum systems can be used to simulate complex physical interactions.
higherThe new material has a higher quantum of energy.
singularThe singular quantum is a wave that is spread over a large area of space.
properThe wave function of a quantum system is a mathematical function that describes the possible states of the system based on proper quantum numbers.
correspondingThe corresponding quantum number for the azimuthal angle is ℓ.
additionalThe additional quantum of energy required for the reaction is small but significant.
smallerThe smaller quantum of energy required for the transition to the second excited state is equal to the difference between the second and first excited state energies.
necessaryThe necessary quantum of energy for the reaction is 10 eV.
sufficientThe experiment has sufficient quantum entanglement to observe the effect.
absoluteThe absolute quantum of sound is 1 electron volt.
smallestThe smallest quantum of energy is called a photon.
finiteThe finite quantum world is a strange and wonderful place.
dimensionalQuantum observers also have dimensional quantum access to the substrate.
fundamentalThe fundamental quantum nature of light manifests itself in its wave-particle duality.
extensiveThe extensive quantum experiment yielded groundbreaking insights.
classicalClassical quantum is a term used to describe the classical limit of quantum mechanics.
bloodHer blood quantum is 0.25.
averageThe average quantum of energy is equal to Planck's constant times the frequency.
neuralThe neural quantum network was able to solve the complex problem much faster than any classical computer.
dailyThe daily quantum put the universe in motion.
maximumThe quantum computer achieved maximum quantum entanglement
greatestThe greatest quantum leap in human history is just around the corner.
relativeThe relative quantum is a measure of the energy of an electron in an atom.
substantialThe substantial quantum of work required for the project was a significant deterrent.
dopedThe doped quantum dot showed an increase in conductivity.
largestThe largest quantum computer has 127 qubits.
requisiteThe requisite quantum of proof did not exist in the case.
asymmetricThe findings underscore the power of asymmetric quantum exclusion as a driving force behind the formation of complex structures in nature.
discreteDiscrete quantum observables will be manifested as two lines, with a zero-field splitting of around 2 cm⁻¹.
preciseThe precise quantum calculations were explained in the lecture.
infiniteThe infinite quantum world is a mystery that scientists are still trying to understand.
appropriateThe appropriate quantum of energy is required for the reaction to proceed.
overallThe overall quantum efficiency approaches 0.3%.
universalThe universal quantum algorithm could solve various optimization problems.
adequateWe do not have adequate quantum to determine which is the best course of action.
electromagneticThe electromagnetic quantum is a unit of energy equal to the energy of a single photon of electromagnetic radiation.
rotationalThe rotational quantum number describes the angular momentum of a molecule.

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