Adjectives for Quarter

Adjectives For Quarter

Discover the most common adjectives for 'quarter' to enhance your writing. Our list includes 'first,' 'one,' 'last,' and 'second,' each with example sentences. Perfect for students, professionals, and anyone looking to refine their language skills.

firstThe basketball game ended in the first quarter due to heavy rain.
oneThe pizza was cut into one quarter slices.
lastThe moon is in its last quarter
secondThe company's revenue increased by 10% in the second quarter
thirdThe third quarter was the most successful quarter for the company.
fourthThe team scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter
nextWe aim to conclude our project by next quarter
unexpectedThe unexpected quarter resulted in a surge in sales.
starboardThe ship was sailing with a starboard quarter wind.
pastIt is already past quarter to one.
finalThe final quarter of the game was filled with suspense.
portThe lifeboat was lowered from the port quarter
4thThe team made a touchdown in the 4th quarter
residentialIt is also an area famous for its beautiful residential quarter
topThe top quarter of the class performed exceptionally well on the exam.
chineseTourists crowded the busy streets of the Chinese quarter
easternThe eastern quarter of the city is home to many historical landmarks.
oppositeIn the opposite quarter there was a steep decline.
previousThe revenue in the previous quarter was $10 million.
southeastThe southeast quarter of the park is the most popular with picnickers.
hindThe robot grabbed the steer by its hind quarter
northwestWe drove northwest quarter of a mile and parked by the gate.
southwestThe coyote is fast sleeping beneath the juniper tree in the southwest quarter of section 16.
fashionableMarylebone is the most stimulating fashionable quarter of London now.
nativeHe found their native quarter within the hour.
upperThe corporation pays 25% of the pension costs, with the employees covering the upper quarter
europeanThe European quarter is a district in Brussels, Belgium that houses the EU institutions.
northernI love exploring the quirky shops and restaurants in the Northern quarter
southernThe southern quarter of the city is known for its historic architecture.
eastThe east quarter of the city is home to many historic buildings.
distantI could hear the distant quarter striking the hour.
1stThe 1st quarter was a successful one for the company.
arabThe narrow streets of the Arab quarter are full of shops and restaurants.
armenianThe Armenian quarter is the smallest of the four quarters in the Old City of Jerusalem.
larboardThe larboard quarter of the ship was damaged in the storm.
latinThe Latin quarter the historic heart of Paris, bustles with students and tourists alike.
3rdThe score was 21-14 in the 3rd quarter
bottomWe performed poorly on the assessment and were placed in the bottom quarter
worthThe coin is worth quarter of the dollar.
turkishThe vibrant Turkish quarter is a tapestry of fragrant spices, exotic delicacies, and captivating cultural traditions.
remoteHe went to the remote quarter of the city to find solitude.
italianGuliano stopped at the Italian quarter for a great slice of pizza.
lowestThe lowest quarter of the population has the highest crime rate.
northeasternThe northeastern quarter of the island is mountainous.
fiscalThe company's revenue for the fiscal quarter was $100 million.
wrongI gave my friend a fifty-cent coin in the wrong quarter
aristocraticThe aristocratic quarter of the city was a maze of narrow streets and grand mansions.
southeasternThe southeastern quarter of the state is home to the majority of the population.
muslimThe Muslim quarter is a historic neighborhood in the Old City of Jerusalem.
rearThe horse reared its rear quarters in the air.

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