Adjectives for Query

Adjectives For Query

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing query, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the vast landscape of information retrieval, the choice of adjectives preceding the noun 'query' significantly shades its interpretation and intent. A 'first query' implies the pioneering attempt at uncovering information, whereas a 'same query' suggests a repetition, possibly highlighting an unresolved quest. The allure of a 'new query' speaks to the constant evolution of inquiry, while a 'simple query' prunes the complexity, aiming for clarity. Conversely, a 'second query' may denote a refinement or a follow-up, and an 'original query' brings forth the innovative spirit of inquiry. Each adjective seamlessly alters the trajectory of understanding, inviting a nuanced exploration of interaction with data. Dive into the full list of adjectives for a deeper understanding of the subtle dynamics at play.
firstI have a first query that I would like to ask.
sameI have the same query as him.
newThe system received a new query
simpleHer simple query got the information she needed.
originalWhat is the original query?
singleThe single query is designed to retrieve a single document from the database.
selectThe SQL SELECT query is used to retrieve data from a database.
nextI will show you the results for your next query
initialPlease include the initial query in your request.
lastI would like to carry out a project similar to my last query
outerThe outer query must be a SELECT query.
previousLet's revise the previous query
particularCan you give me more information about your particular query?
specificCan you provide a specific query for me to answer?
complexThe complex query retrieves data efficiently from the database.
aboveThe above query returned no results.
mainWhat is the main query?
naturalThe natural query was intended for databases and web searches.
finalTo settle this, once and for all, we will conduct a final query for the data.
recursiveA recursive query is a query in which a table references itself.
innerThe inner query is used to compare the average salary of employees in two different departments.
currentI have reviewed your current query and will respond shortly.
typicalThe typical query is composed of a small number of terms.
furtherPlease reach out to the support team for any further query
thirdI'm sorry, but I can't answer your third query right now.
tableI am going to create a table query to get data from the database.
basicThis is a basic query
anxiousI approached the receptionist with an anxious query about my appointment.
spatialA spatial query is a query that uses the location of a feature to return results.
parallelThe database employs parallel query to improve the speed at which data is processed.
relationalThe relational query retrieves data based on the relationships between tables and rows within a database.
directGoogle was forced to withdraw its direct query AdSense program because it was considered non-compliant with company policy.
standardSomething went wrong with the standard query so I cannot fulfill your request.
dynamicThe library supports dynamic query which means that you can change the query parameters without having to restart the library.
unspokenHer unspoken query hung heavy in the air.
createWe can create query with this database.
interestingThis is an interesting query I'll do my best to answer it.
conjunctiveThe conjunctive query retrieves rows that satisfy all specified clauses and conditions.
pertinentCould you please provide me with a pertinent query for this research?
globalThe global query returned no results.
correspondingPlease provide me with the corresponding query
latterCan you please answer the latter query before the former?
appropriateEnsure you create an appropriate query and check for duplicate records.
famousI have a famous query that I would like to ask you.
earlierI apologize, but I don't know the answer to your earlier query
nestedThe database stores data in a nested query format, which allows for more complex queries to be executed.
validPlease enter a valid query
equivalentThe equivalent query can be used to retrieve the same results as the original query.
throughThe results are displayed through query
iterativeThe iterative query refines the search results in each cycle.
silentI had a silent query about the matter.
innocentThe innocent query was met with a blank stare.
visualI used a visual query to find the perfect dress for my party.
usualYou can rate your experience and ask your usual query using this box.
subRetrieve the names of all customers who have placed more than one order using a sub query
frequentThe frequent query should return the correct result.
levelPerform a level query on the database.
underlyingThe underlying query returned an error.
fundamentalThe fundamental query of particle physics is to understand the basic constituents of matter and the forces that act between them.
subsequentShe responded to the subsequent query with a thorough explanation.
fuzzyThe fuzzy query feature allows users to find results that are similar to their search terms, even if they don't match exactly.
plaintiveThe plaintive query hung in the air, unanswered.
inevitableThe inevitable query hung in the air, unspoken but palpable.
logicalThis logical query is structured to retrieve relevant data.
interactiveAccess and manipulate data using an interactive query
fourthThe fourth query was more precise than the previous ones.
hocThe hoc query returns only the schema of the table.
legitimateHer question was a legitimate query since she had booked the tickets in advance.
semanticThe semantic query can determine the user's intent and find relevant information from the database.
sharpThe detective asked a sharp query to the witness.

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