Adjectives for Question

Adjectives For Question

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing question, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjective before the noun 'question' can significantly alter the context and emotional tone of a sentence. A 'first question' often signals a starting point, suggesting a sequence or priority, while an 'important question' elevates its significance, demanding attention and thoughtful consideration. 'Whole question' implies a broader, perhaps more complex discussion. Meanwhile, 'second' and 'next' introduce a sense of order and progression in a dialogue. An 'open question' cleverly leaves room for interpretation or further discussion, inviting diverse viewpoints. Each adjective colors the noun 'question' with unique shades of meaning, revealing the intricate dynamics of language. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'question' and the nuances they entail below.
firstWhat is the first question?
importantAsking an important question is crucial to understanding.
wholeI had always had a question about the whole question
secondWhat is your second question?
nextCan you tell me what the next question will be?
openWhat is the open question?
difficultThe difficult question left me stumped.
interestingThe model found an interesting question
realWhat's the real question here?
fundamentalThe fundamental question is whether or not we should trust the government.
simpleWhat is a simple question?
crucialThe crucial question of who was responsible for the accident was hanging heavily over the investigation.
mainWhat is the main question you are trying to answer?
basicWhat is your basic question?
keyThe key question in this case is whether the defendant had the necessary intent to commit the crime.
centralThe central question of the debate was whether the government should increase taxes.
furtherDo you have any further questions?
seriousSerious question what is the best way to get from point A to point B?
followingWhat is the following question?
thirdWhat is the third question?
previousCan we move on to the previous question now?
criticalThe students asked a critical question during the lecture.
obviousThe obvious question is why the government is not doing more to help the poor.
bigWhat is the big question?
finalWhat is your final question?
vexedThe vexed question of whether or not the accused committed the crime has been debated for decades.
vitalWhat is the most vital question you've ever had to answer?
practicalI have a practical question about the project.
empiricalIs the sky blue? is an empirical question because it could be settled by observation.
constitutionalThe court postponed its decision because of the constitutional question
irishThe Irish question was a major political issue in the United Kingdom in the 19th century.
latterI'm not sure about the latter question
unansweredThe article left an unanswered question for me.
pertinentThe pertinent question is do you feel lucky?
relevantAsking a relevant question is crucial for getting informed answers.
relatedLet me know if you have any related question
complexWhat is the most complex question you have ever been asked?
burningI had a burning question that needed to be answered.
mootIs it a moot question or do you think it is still debatable?
essentialWhat is the essential question of the passage?
philosophicalThe philosophical question is very hard to be solved.
aboveThe above question is not clear and needs clarification.
delicateI'm not sure how to answer that delicate question
fairThat project approached by our supervisor was a fair question to investigate.
ultimateWhat is the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything?
disputedDespite being a disputed question the law is clear on this matter.
ethicalThe ethical question of whether artificial intelligence should be used in warfare was front and center at a recent conference.
intriguingThe professor posed an intriguing question one that would spark a lively debate.
easyThis was an easy question
controversialThe controversial question sparked a heated debate.
momentousThe momentous question facing the nation is whether to go to war.
leadingThe defense attorney asked the witness a leading question hoping to get a specific answer.

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