Adjectives for Questionnaire

Adjectives For Questionnaire

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing questionnaire, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe a questionnaire can significantly affect perceptions and outcomes. A short questionnaire may be seen as accessible, yet a detailed one can be perceived as thorough. Opt for structured to suggest organization, whereas item-specific adjectives highlight particular aspects of the questionnaire. Each adjective, from brief to second, unveils a unique facet, shaping how respondents interact with and view the questionnaire. Adjectives craft the nuances of your questionnaire, guiding expectations and engagement. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives tailored for questionnaire that can redefine its impact and usability below.
itemPlease fill out the provided item questionnaire
shortThe company provided us with a short questionnaire to gather our feedback.
structuredResearchers used a structured questionnaire to collect data from the participants.
secondPlease fill out the second questionnaire
briefPlease fill out the brief questionnaire below.
detailedShe was tired of filling out the detailed questionnaire
reportPlease fill out the report questionnaire provided.
postalThe postal questionnaire was sent out to all residents in the area.
pagePlease fill out the page questionnaire attached in the file.
finalPlease fill out the final questionnaire before leaving.
simpleThe researcher developed a simple questionnaire to gather data from the participants.
originalThe original questionnaire was designed to measure student attitudes towards learning.
standardizedResearchers utilized a standardized questionnaire to gather data from participants.
standardThe standard questionnaire was used to collect data from the participants.
initialThe initial questionnaire was designed to gather background information.
medicalI filled out a medical questionnaire before my appointment with the doctor.
anonymousResearchers used an anonymous questionnaire to collect data on participant demographics.
lengthyThe lengthy questionnaire was tedious and took over an hour to complete.
extensiveThe extensive questionnaire contained over 100 questions.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive questionnaire helped us gauge the customer's needs and expectations.
entirePlease complete the entire questionnaire
personalThe personal questionnaire was required for all employees.
demographicTo start, let's fill out this demographic questionnaire
formalWe used a formal questionnaire to collect data from a random sample of 1,000 respondents.
preliminaryPlease fill out the preliminary questionnaire before the interview.
onlineFilling out the online questionnaire will help us tailor a curriculum to your needs.
patientThe analysis of the patient questionnaire provided valuable insights into their symptoms.
choiceThe soliciting researcher administered the choice questionnaire to assess participants' preferences.
mentalThe mental questionnaire revealed some interesting insights about the participants.
thirdI have completed the third questionnaire
sociometricWe used a sociometric questionnaire to measure students' social preference and social relationships.
separatePlease fill a separate questionnaire for each student.
pencilKindly fill out the attached pencil questionnaire
preparedThe researchers used a prepared questionnaire to gather data from the participants.
basedThe researcher employed a based questionnaire to gather data from the participants.
selfadministeredThe selfadministered questionnaire was distributed to all participants.
experimentalThe team used an experimental questionnaire to gather data from participants.
biographicalThe biographical questionnaire provided a detailed account of the candidate's life and experiences.
partWe'll do a part questionnaire after the discussion.
elaborateThe elaborate questionnaire provided comprehensive insights into customer preferences.
confidentialPlease fill out the confidential questionnaire online by clicking on this link.
printedThe printed questionnaire had to be completed before the interview.
dietaryThe participants completed a dietary questionnaire at baseline and at follow-up.
annualPlease complete the annual questionnaire by the end of the month.
portablePlease complete this portable questionnaire
typicalThe typical questionnaire includes questions about the respondent's demographics, attitudes, and behaviors.
typeThe company gave a type questionnaire to the employees.
falseThe false questionnaire provided inaccurate information.
quantitativeThe researcher administered a quantitative questionnaire to over 500 participants.
psychologicalThe psychological questionnaire was extensive and covered a wide range of topics.
multiplePlease complete the following multiple questionnaire regarding your recent experience.
designedResearchers used a designed questionnaire and collected responses from the participants.
subjectiveI used a subjective questionnaire to gather responses.
longerWe decided to use a longer questionnaire in order to get more detailed information.
pointTo ensure that all team members are able to share their opinions, we ask our team to complete a short point questionnaire
oralResearchers gathered data using an oral questionnaire
mailThe mail questionnaire was sent to all the participants.
imageParticipants responded to an image questionnaire to assess their attitudes towards advertising.
parentalThe parental questionnaire included questions about the child's development and behavior.
diagnosticI was surprised how well I did on the diagnostic questionnaire
aboveI have just completed the above questionnaire
shorterPrefer using a shorter questionnaire for faster feedback.
supplementaryThe supplementary questionnaire provided additional information that helped us make a decision.

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