Adjectives for Quotes

Adjectives For Quotes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing quotes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe quotes can significantly alter the meaning and impact of your writing. Whether they are double quotes highlighting a direct citation or single quotes used for emphasis or special effect, each choice paints a different picture. Direct quotes bring authenticity and credibility, while following or subsequent quotes build on previously mentioned ideas, showing progression or contrast. Even a few well-chosen words can transform a simple citation into a powerful statement. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives to discover how they can refine and enhance the presentation of quotes in your writing.
followingHave you ever read the following quotes about friendship?
fewFew quotes are more famous than those from Shakespeare.
subsequentThe subsequent quotes were insightful and provided valuable perspectives.
aboveThe above quotes are from a famous speech.
famousFamous quotes often offer a glimpse into the wisdom and perspectives of great minds.
furtherI have no further quotes
biblicalThe Bible is full of wisdom and biblical quotes can be found throughout its pages.
actualThe "actual quotes" are often more revealing than the paraphrased ones.
numerousThe article contained numerous quotes from experts in the field.
inspirationalInspirational quotes can ignite a fire within, propelling us to reach our full potential.
currentThe current quotes for the stock are available on the company's website.
curlyDon't put "curly quotes" in your writing.
relevantHer paper, published in 2010, included relevant quotes from interviews she conducted with 100 respondents.
unattributedThe paper included a number of unattributed quotes which made it difficult to verify the accuracy of the information.
interestingI've discovered that interesting quotes are the ones that you can apply to your own life in some way.
memorableThe teacher's memorable quotes resonated with the students long after the lessons had ended.
competitiveWe offer highly competitive quotes on all of our services.
illustrativeThe research paper included numerous illustrative quotes from the participants.
representativeThis article presents representative quotes from the keynote speech.
pithyLife is too short for pithy quotes
magic"Did you just use "magic quotes""?
scripturalHer sermon was full of scriptural quotes
latestThe latest quotes from the stock market are very positive.
notableThe historian noted the 'notable quotes' of the former president.
back` A test sentence with back quotes `.
delayedThe delayed quotes were available after the market closed.
verbatim"verbatim quotes" is a phrase used to indicate that something is being quoted exactly as it was said.
accurateThe researcher included accurate quotes from the participant in her analysis.
onlineObtaining online quotes for various services is becoming increasingly popular.
randomRandom quotes can brighten your day and provide a fresh perspective.
pertinentShe included pertinent quotes from the CEO to support her argument.
longerThe librarian explained that the book had "longer quotes" from the original sources.

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